Indoor Sanitation Helps Prevent Spread of COVID-19
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Indoor Sanitation Helps Prevent Spread of COVID-19

Photo by:   Pure Wellness
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Salvador Bernal - Pure Wellness México
Vice President Marketing and Sales


Q: How has Pure Wellness grown its presence in the hospitality, retail, office and education segments in Mexico?

A: We began by offering the hospitality industry the opportunity to create a hypoallergenic room environment using Pure Wellness technology, which has been generating medical-grade environments for seven years by sanitizing surfaces and purifying the air. We entered this sector due to the large number of tourists who develop allergic reactions when traveling, which has increased by 40 percent in the past 10 years. After seven years in the hospitality industry, the COVID-19 pandemic opened the opportunity to look for clients in retail, education and office spaces.

Air purification is a multi-industry service that operates differently from sanitization. While sanitization is the periodic cleansing of the surfaces of a room, purification involves cleaning the air. Air purification is the extra step when cleaning a room that follows regular cleaning and sanitization processes.

Q: How did your protocols change in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic?

A: With the pandemic, several protocols were established by the WHO to secure the deep sanitization of hotel rooms, driving us to strengthen our existing processes to offer a seven-step service. Pure Wellness first deep cleans the room and its surfaces, checks and cleans air ducts and adds a nanotechnology protection coat over the surfaces called Pure Shield, which kills microorganisms. We then install an air purifier, which completely changes the air in the room five times per hour, achieving medical-grade purified rooms. Finally, we change the mattress and sheets for hypoallergenic products to protect them from dust and mites.

Before the pandemic, we would carry out this seven-step process every six months. Now, we perform it every four months. It is now known that COVID-19 spreads through aerosols and respiratory droplets exhaled when talking or breathing, as well as those produced from coughing or sneezing. This means that air purification is even more important. Air purification, safe distancing and using a face mask are the most effective methods to avoid contagion, especially indoors.

The need for a safe indoor environment created a spike in demand for our services by almost 300 percent and led us to work in other industries. The filters in our air purifiers trap viruses. Our technology is able to destroy the COVID-19 virus.

Q: What differentiates Pure Wellness from other cleaning services?

A: Our business model is unique. We are the only company that offers purification and cleaning services together. Pure Wellness does not separate its products from its services; we do not sell Pure Shield and the sanitization process individually. The only item we sell separately is the air purifiers because these can be adapted to offices, classrooms, restaurants and other establishments.

Q: What is the life-span of the different filters you offer?

A: Our air purifiers are manufactured by HealthWay, a company that has been in the market for over 35 years and sells and develops tested and certified machines to guarantee better than HEPA efficiency. Our Disinfecting Filtration System (DFS) technology is considerably superior because it captures and eliminates particles, while HEPA only captures them.  Each air purifier is equipped with seven filters and they have different life spans that will extend for 10 years, depending on their care.

Q. As a medical-grade purifier, what would it take for Pure Wellness to enter the hospital and healthcare industry?

A: Our air purifiers would work perfectly in medical offices but entering the hospital and pharmaceutical industry is a choice for HealthWay, which would have to consider all the different regulatory processes of both of these industries. Our main goal is to protect the population during their day-to-day activities and we want to focus our efforts there.

Q: How does the company’s product align with sustainability practices?

A: The filters inside the air purifier are biodegradable to reduce our environmental footprint. Additionally, the purifiers are energy-efficient, consuming only 1Wh.

Q: How do you measure the health impacts that purifiers have on long-term users?

A: We calculate the impact of the purifier by measuring particles in an indoor space. The WHO recommends a maximum of 1 million particles per m³. We try to keep our environments at 1,000 particles per m³.

Air purifiers will eventually become mandatory to avoid contagion and support those who are recovering from COVID-19 and who now face long-term effects.


Pure Wellness offers highly innovative solutions for the air purification and sanitation of rooms for the hospitality, education and office environment, among others.

Photo by:   Pure Wellness

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