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IT Programs Must Be Updated to Prepare an Emerging Workforce

By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Thu, 10/07/2021 - 17:21

Information technology programs at Mexican universities and trade programs are now obsolete. Failing to update curriculums sets alums for failure in an increasingly complex network. In other news, Tech giants in the US look to Mexico to meet a domestic deficit of qualified talent.

When employed correctly, remote work can represent advantages for staff and employers alike. Inclusion and diversity will play a critical role in the realization of ESG goals for energy companies—and beyond. Lastly, Mexico and Russia agree to foster Mexican talent in STEM majors as part of a space cooperation agreement as women fight to regain their position in the workforce.


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University IT Programs Are Obsolete

The digital environment experienced a boost during the COVID-19 pandemic and its complexity currently exceeds the academic preparation that Mexican institutions can offer to their students. If education programs are not updated, students risk becoming dispensable.

Mexico’s IT Sector Heading Into Industry 4.0

Attracted by a highly qualified talent pool, competitive labor costs and logistical advantages, US companies have looked to Mexico as an incredible opportunity to fill the current domestic talent deficit in the highly competitive market of computer information and communication technologies (ICT). Demand, driven mainly by startups, could stimulate the rise of a new domestic economy in which programmers are the backbone of the economy — an essential development as the world fully moves toward Industry 4.0.

New Normal, New Competences

The most radical change in the workplace has to do with remote work. Today, working hours have changed and the need to move to a workplace has become less rigid for many positions within organizations. This change, when correctly applied, can represent many advantages for staff and businesses.

Promoting Inclusion and Diversity in Mexico’s Energy Sector

The growing importance of environment, social and governance (ESG) criteria is strongly intertwined with the global energy transition. Inclusion and diversity within energy companies are essential to drive ESG forward, said industry experts involved in Mexican energy associations.



Mexico, Russia Sign Space Cooperation Agreement

During the Russian delegation’s visit to Mexico, authorities from both nations signed a space cooperation agreement for the advancement of science, outer space exploration and other “peaceful purposes” reported the Secretary of Communications and Transport (SCT).  To ensure the continued success of this space program, both parties have agreed to foster and nurture talented youth with a specific emphasis on the application of science technologies and other STEM majors.

Reintegrating Women to the Workforce

Female professionals have arguably suffered the worst over the past two years. Their continued absence from the workforce threatens to undo the accumulated progress they have made. To avoid this, federal assistance is needed.

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