French Healthcare Day Mexico  Strategies, Partnership, Investment
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French Healthcare Day Mexico Strategies, Partnership, Investment

Photo by:   Nusiness France Mexico
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Anmol Motwani By Anmol Motwani | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Wed, 09/27/2023 - 10:38

The fifth edition of French Healthcare Day Mexico 2023, organized by the Health and Well-being Sector team at Business France Mexico, focused primarily on improving the diagnosis and quality of life for cancer patients, fostering triple helix partnerships and investing in the development and upskilling of health talent. One key takeaway from the event was the importance of crafting region-specific strategies that acknowledge the distinctive strengths and challenges faced by each state.

The conference delved into crucial subjects, including the assurance of accessible cancer care and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies for early diagnosis and treatment, with the goal of lowering mortality rates. A dedicated panel explored various strategies to drive investments in health science and technology, emphasizing the importance of collaborative efforts between the public, private and academic sectors. Within this context, it was emphasized that the talent pool necessary for advancing healthcare encompasses not solely clinical and research professionals but also experts in domains such as data science, artificial intelligence and medical technology. 

According to a World Bank 2020 study, Mexico's doctor-to-resident ratio is one doctor for every 477 residents, falling well below the international norm. Mexico has 270,600 general practitioners while global standards recommend 393,600 doctors, indicating an outstanding shortage of approximately 123,000 doctors. Similarly, the healthcare sector in Mexico faces a shortage of data scientists, which can be linked to the limited promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship within the industry.

The event fostered the gathering of prominent figures including Oliva López Arellano, Minister of Health of Mexico City; Javier Enrique López, Head of Oncology, IMSS; Luciano Zylberg, Public Affairs Director, Ipsen Mexico, and Li. Héctor Valle Mesto, Executive President, FunSalud. Leading companies like Smartcatch, Unither, 2PS and Y Slab were among the notable participants. This event provided a unique platform for French healthcare companies to engage with stakeholders, share innovations and contribute to the development of triple helix partnerships for the promotion of innovation and progress in Mexican healthcare.

"Promoting investment in the health science and technology sector is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Crafting a strategy tailored to our specific circumstances is the key. Much like our collaboration with the Cima Foundation underscores the importance of early cancer detection and care in childhood cancer,” says Mirna Arzaga, Deputy Minister of Prevention and Health Promotion of Chihuahua. 

Mexico's healthcare landscape is marked by significant disparities, as highlighted by the National Library of Medicine. These disparities  are caused by demographic, economic, geographical and infrastructure aspects. Notably, about 40 million people in the country live below the poverty line, with a substantial portion facing extreme poverty. In stark contrast, a mere 2% of the population falls into the affluent sector. This stark economic divide serves as a poignant indicator of the pronounced disparities in healthcare access and quality, emphasizing the pressing need for tailored healthcare strategies.

Nevertheless, it is essential to highlight the prevalent spirit of cooperation among the government, corporations, educational institutions and society. Luciano Zylberg, Public Affairs Director, Ipsen Mexico, emphasizes: " the spirit of cooperation that pervades among the government, corporations, educational institutions and society as a whole.” This collaboration extends to the development of human capital within the health science and technology sector, aimed at fostering innovation and leveraging emerging technologies and trends for the betterment of public health.

Photo by:   Nusiness France Mexico

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