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ManpowerGroup Has Positive Expectations for 3Q2021

By Jorge Ramos Zwanziger | Fri, 07/23/2021 - 13:02

ManpowerGroup’s latest Employment Expectations Survey for Mexico indicates that most employers have positive expectations for 3Q2021. The report surveyed 4,004 employers in the country and asked them: “Do you expect any changes or movements regarding talent in your organization in 3Q2021 when compared to 2Q2021?”

According to ManpowerGroup, Mexican companies are positive in terms of hiring as 14 percent of employers hope to increase their work teams or plan to hire new collaborators, 78 percent are not seeing many changes and only 4 percent believe they will have to reduce their staff. Based on this, ManpowerGroup estimates that hiring will increase by 9 percent during 3Q2021, a 19 percent improvement from 3Q2020 right after COVID-19 hit employment the hardest. However, expectations vary by region. The northeast of Mexico is expected to see the largest increase in hiring with 13 percent, while the Mexico Valley will only see 3 percent.

What Are the New Employment Trends according to Manpower?

“Sixty-nine percent of companies globally report talent shortages yet report optimism, expecting to grow payrolls in 42 of the 43 countries and territories surveyed,” read’s Manpower’s Survey Outlook Results. Globally, the Top Five In-Demand Roles were accelerated due to the pandemic due to tech disruptions. Companies are now looking for the right blend of technical skills and human strengths. The top areas that will demand more positions are:

1.Operations and Logistics

2. Manufacturing/Production

3. Sales and Marketing

4. Administration and Office Support

5. Front Office/Customer Facing.

ManpowerGroup also indicates that companies are looking for collaborators that show accountability, reliability, discipline, collaboration and teamwork, initiative, proactivity, resilience, tolerance to stress and adaptability.

What About Going Back to the Office?

According to Manpower, employers are still preparing for an on-site return due to concerns regarding productivity. About 83 percent of employers want their collaborators to return to the workplace permanently, 5 percent want a hybrid model that favors the workplace, 7 percent wanting a hybrid model that favors remote work, 3 percent want fully remote work and the rest are undecided. Over 35 percent of employers claimed to be concerned about the wellbeing of their collaborators.


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