Digital Applications Continue to Transform Industries
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Digital Applications Continue to Transform Industries

Photo by:   Alexandre Debiève
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Cinthya Alaniz Salazar By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Wed, 03/02/2022 - 18:00

Mexico’s industries continue to experiment with technology applications and solutions, a transformation that has fostered greater market competition. This cultural shift stands to engender greater economic dynamism, benefiting consumers and the national economy. Companies now look forward to future deployments of private 5G networks, Web3 and machine learning, which will create added-value for industrial sectors in different ways across the economy.


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Giving People Control of Their Money

Fomenting financial inclusion in Mexican areas with low banking access could have a significant impact on the economic productivity and wellbeing of millions of Mexicans, said Emilio Gonzalez, General Manager, NU.

“As people increasingly use formal financial products, they gain access to better ways to save, finance themselves and have more liquidity when they need it.”




Monetizing the Reprocessing of Waste Management

Lealtad Verde is using technology to generate awareness of the Green Loyalty 360 program and educate consumers on how to mitigate their personal carbon footprint, said CEO and Director Adrián Sánchez.


AI: The Next Industrial Digital Transformation

Go Sharp has centralized a trade model that uses AI and Big Data analytics to help companies better understand their customers, said CEO Gustavo Gomes.

“We are disrupting the industry by putting these departments together, merging different techniques so that models tell our clients how many products have been loaded and how many will be sold so every seller can maximize operations advantages.”


Next-Generation Data to Revolutionize Latin America’s Medical Industry

One of the biggest problems in the Latin American medical industry is that patients do not truly own their medical data. As early adopters of Web3, Bobbinet has an opportunity to give patients control over their data, an underlying concern that has fomented distrust in the medical system, wrote Andrew Ahachinsky, CEO, Bobbinet.




Cisco Touts Private Multifunctional 5G SaaS

Seizing on the unmet market demand for 5G network access, Cisco and its global partners will be offering a private 5G as-a-service capable of combining elements of Wi-Fi, 5G and IoT.

“Businesses continuing their digitization strategies using IoT, analytics and automation will create significant competitive advantages in value, sustainability, efficiency and agility,” said Jonathan Davidson, VP & GM, Mass-Scale Infrastructure Group, Cisco.


KServe OSS Project Could Revolutionize Production ML Serving

KServe joins open-source foundation LF AI & Data as an incubation project. If successful, it could facilitate production machine learning serving, a costly container management challenge faced throughout the industry.

Photo by:   Alexandre Debiève

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