Digital Transformation in Full Roar
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Digital Transformation in Full Roar

Photo by:   Conny Schneider
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Cinthya Alaniz Salazar By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Wed, 02/09/2022 - 13:15

The digital transformation is fostering the emergence of smart cities, impacting how businesses operate and innovate. In international news, Meta’s stock plunges 35 percent, making it the 8th most valuable company after Nvidia. 


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Mexico City’s Public Transport Card to Be Smartphone-Rechargeable

Integrated Mobility Cards will be rechargeable 24 hours a day through Mercado Pago’s mobile app starting on March 2, 2022, announced the Mexico City Ministry of Mobility (SEMOVI).


Merida Will Host Smart City Expo LATAM for Third Year in a Row

Smart City Expo LATAM 2022 will seek to promote the activation and acceleration of smart city projects. For the third year in a row, Merida will host the event.  


Industry Trends 

Easing HR’s Workload With Chatbots

Chatbot applications in human resource departments might make sense as HR professionals’ responsibilities multiply. 


A New Era for the Manufacturing Industry

Product development processes have changed entirely due to the use of artificial intelligence. As its practical uses continue to advance and its costs decrease, more industries are benefiting, including manufacturing. 

“This also creates options that even engineers would never have thought of, as they are limited by what they have seen in the past and what they consider to be true,” said Marie-Pierre Mercier, Country Director, Autodesk Mexico.


Timely Radiology Diagnosis Powered by Nubix

Using responsive health technology, Nubix developed a platform to simplify and accelerate radiology diagnostics, said Amiel Rosales, CEO and Co-Founder, Nubix. 


Platform Tackles Mexico’s Lack of Insurance

With only 7 percent of Mexicans having medical insurance, MeetingDoctor’s telemedicine platform aims to bridge this gap in services.

 “The public sector has been slow in providing primary care so Mexico’s population stands to benefit from telemedicine,” said Carina Reverter, CEO and Partner, MeetingDoctors Latam.



Meta’s Stock Freefalls

Facebook parent Meta has tumbled 35 percent since the start of 2022. The company is now valued below the US$600 billion mark, falling behind Nvidia in terms of market cap.

Photo by:   Conny Schneider

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