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Johnson & Johnson Looks Toward Metaverse to Train Doctors

By Conal Quinn | Wed, 05/11/2022 - 18:03

Johnson & Johnson is using VR in its training program for Mexican doctors. MBN’s expert contributors offer insight into the increasingly important world of cybersecurity. 


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Johnson & Johnson is Training Doctors in the Metaverse

In late April, the Johnson & Johnson Institute and Johnson & Johnson MedTech opened its first Innovation Room for Mexican doctors. This is a training space for doctors, surgeons and other health professionals that offers the latest technology in medical devices and training simulators for surgical procedures.


CrowdStrike Names New Country Manager for Mexico

After two years of incessant cyberattacks, Mexico’s burgeoning technology ecosystem has cultivated a cognizance for cybersecurity, transforming the country into a strategic market in Latin America. To seize this market potential, CrowdStrike has named Luis Miguel Padilla as its new country manager to lead the company’s strategic route-to-market and augment its presence through technology and business alliances.


To Breed More Unicorns, Latin America Must Grow Edtech Industry

Latin America’s startup ecosystem is growing faster than ever before, and so is the need for quality education for the new generation of leaders guiding the region’s digital transformation. For the first time ever, the constraint for economic growth is not access to capital, but to talent. 


How Is Mexico’s Economic Engine Set Up for Cybersecurity?

Small and medium-sized companies in Mexico are vital economic engines for two reasons: first, they generate about 75 percent of jobs. Second, they contribute more than 50 percent of GDP. Hence the urgency that they have a culture of cybersecurity, starting with the owners and decision-makers as well as each employee who uses a computer for any activity within the company. After creating a culture of awareness, they must continue to put together a plan in case digital assets become victims of an incident or disaster, which can be accidental or generated by a resentful employee or a criminal group.


Conversational Commerce Is the Future of Digital Shopping

Can you imagine being able to buy groceries, pay your internet provider or buy a plane ticket through a WhatsApp conversation? Today, hundreds of millions of Chinese buy everything on WeChat, China’s most popular messaging App. This new form of digital shopping, through which users explore and purchase products and services on messaging apps, is called conversational commerce (c-commerce). 


Colombian Fintech announces expansion into Mexico after receiving US$24 million investment

The Colombian platform Minka plans to expand into Mexico seeing areas of opportunity in the country.



Bitcoin Value Drops by 50 Percent Since November peak

The value of Bitcoin has dropped below US$31,000, less than half of what it was at its peak in November 2021, according to the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange.

Clearview AI Agrees to Restrict US Sales of Facial Recognition Tech

The controversial facial-recognition software company agreed on Monday that it will not sell its software to most companies in the US..

UK Blames Russia for Satellite Internet Hack at Start of War

Russia was behind a cyber-attack targeting American commercial satellite internet company Viasat, UK and US intelligence suggests.

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