Mexico’s Digital Infrastructure Grows
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Mexico’s Digital Infrastructure Grows

Photo by:   Adi Goldstein
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Cinthya Alaniz Salazar By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Thu, 10/28/2021 - 16:20

The Mexican Transport Institute (IMT) announced it will digitize the country’s logistical infrastructure to make it more internationally competitive. Racing Cargo Mexico intends to support this effort with a multi-million AI technology investment. America Movil announced plans to launch its 5G network, looking forward to economic boost from the Holiday season. Huawei responded to market demand and launched its second cloud services region in Mexico. Fintech Revolut expanded its payment services to Mexico.

A breakthrough in algorithm logistical proof could make cloud services safer and reduce testing for software and hardware. The WHO publishes the first ethics guidelines for the use of AI in healthcare.


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IMT to Build Center for Transport and Logistics Innovation

IMT plans to develop an intelligence national center for transport and logistics innovation to digitize data from Mexico’s logistics hubs, making the country’s supply chains more competitive.

Cargo Company Uses AI to Facilitate Freight Movement

Racing Cargo Mexico is developing zenix, a US$20 million artificial intelligence (AI) that will allow the company to forecast possible scenarios during their client’s sea, land and air cargo movement.

America Movil: 5G, TracFone, Underperformance

Mexican telecommunications giant America Movil is ready to launch its 5G network and looks to finalize the sale of its US subsidiary TracFone but cites continued supply chain disruptions for its underperforming 3Q2021 results.

Huawei Opens Second Cloud Region

As a committed digitalization partner to Mexico's private and public sectors, on its 20th anniversary, Huawei announced its second cloud services region in Mexico as a demonstration of its continued investment in the country.

British Fintech Launches Mexico-US Cross-Border Payment Solution

British fintech Revolut entered the Mexican market with the launch of cross-border payment solutions, including money transfer without hidden fees at real exchange rate through its US-Mexico remittance corridor.




Formal Verification in Cloud Computing Security

Making use of regularity, a common feature of all distributed protocols, could potentially automate the formal verification process of the Paxos protocol, theoretically enabling software and hardware to be released with substantially less testing, argues a University of Michigan study. 

WHO Publishes Ethics Guidelines for AI in Healthcare

A month after the UN warned that the improper use of artificial intelligence (AI) could put human rights at risk, WHO published its first guide on its ethics and governance to guide developers and users.

Photo by:   Adi Goldstein

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