This Week in Tech: Google AI Models, Robotics Investment
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This Week in Tech: Google AI Models, Robotics Investment

Photo by:   Image by Alexander Ignatov, Pixabay
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Tomás Lujambio By Tomás Lujambio | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Thu, 08/24/2023 - 10:00

Google Cloud’s generative AI models are set to reinvent how businesses operate, propelling both their digital transformation and overall efficiency. Meanwhile, investments directed to robotics and automation are expected to increase during 2023, promising significant long-term savings. 

Additionally, cloud computing and 5G offer substantial benefits to multiple industries by diminishing expenses, enhancing overall efficiency and advancing sustainability objectives.

This is the week in Tech:

Global Tech Landscape

Robotics and Automation Investments to Increase in 2023

Robotics technology plays a crucial role in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, bringing about a wide range of benefits that enhance efficiency, productivity, safety and overall operational performance. Several industrial enterprises have identified these advantages and affirmed their commitment to amplify investments both in robotics and automation over the next few years. In fact, North American companies increased their adoption of robotics by 24% during 1H23 compared to the corresponding period in 2022, according to studies led by McKinsey. 

Google Cloud’s AI Models to Reinvent Businesses Operations 

Google made waves in Mexico City last Wednesday with a presentation on the addition of cloud-accessible, generative AI Models to its catalog of technological tools. The event underscored Google's strides in leveraging AI to enhance business operations and offered insights into its responsible approach to the adoption of these technologies. During the event Julio Velázquez, General Director, Google Cloud Mexico, emphasized the company's commitment to informing the digital transformation of organizations with their variety of AI-powered tools.

5G, Cloud Computing to Enhance Industrial Efficiency

Just half a decade ago, quantum computing and 5G networks remained largely experimental novelties however, now they stand poised to revolutionize the business landscape. In fact, a significant 65% of tech leaders surveyed by McKinsey & Company after the COVID-19 pandemic considered them indispensable given their remarkable processing speeds. By diminishing expenses, enhancing overall efficiency and advancing sustainability objectives, cloud computing and 5G offer substantial benefits to Mexico’s industries. 


Executive Perspective 

The Whole is in the Part: Correlating Events to Support Results

In the evolving landscape of technology, the adoption of a data-driven, analytical culture within organizations emerges as a significant challenge and opportunity. With data collection widespread but effective analysis still relatively limited, the value of predictive analytics takes center stage. By combining predictive and prescriptive analysis, companies can not only anticipate potential challenges but also proactively prevent them. Notably, the predictive analytics market is on an upward trajectory, expected to reach substantial revenues in the near future. However, “it is necessary to monitor different data and be strategic in correlating events. Exercising critical and analytical thinking drives solutions and results,” stated Luciano Alves, CEO, Zabbix Latam. 

If You Don´t Have a Generative AI Strategy, It´s Time to Get One 

Generative AI's appeal is grounded in its ability to create new content by learning from existing data, spanning text, videos, images, audio and code. Businesses have recognized its value, experiencing revenue growth and cost reduction across various sectors. However, while the promise of generative AI is immense, there are challenges in terms of ethics, regulation and security. Thus, organizations must adopt a responsible AI approach, involving policies, governance and transparency. Nevertheless, "with the right safeguards in place, organizations can mitigate many challenges and concerns. In this way, they can embark on their generative AI journey, even if only on an experimental basis," says Eduardo Sarmiento Villalobos, Country Manager, DXC Mexico.

New Management Tools Shaping Financial Personalization 

In today's financial world, technology is driving a transformative shift towards personalization and efficiency, with Personal Finance Management (PFM) tools emerging as essential aids for individuals. These tools offer holistic views of finances, drawing data from multiple sources, enabling informed decisions, and helping users set financial goals. Importantly, they underpin the creation of personalized financial products, such as tailored loans and credit cards. PFMs also promote financial inclusion and education, opening access to financial services. Leveraging the data collected, financial institutions can identify cross-selling opportunities and enhance fraud detection. "As technology continues to advance, we can expect PFM applications to continue to evolve to offer an even more personalized and enriching financial experience for users," writes Nick Grassi, Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Finerio Connect.

Photo by:   Image by Alexander Ignatov, Pixabay

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