Leadership Tools To Successfully Navigate Uncertain Times

The automotive industry in Mexico faces two challenges: a new normal and a new regional Free Trade Agreement. In this webinar, industry leaders will discuss the protocols needed to resume operations, USMCA's rules of origin and uniform regulations, and successful crisis management strategies toward financial, operational and leadership tools to successfully navigate uncertain times caused by COVID-19, USMCA, increasing competition and lower volumes.

"Leadership to successfully navigate uncertain times" will include the participation of International Private Consultant and former AMIA Executive President Eduardo Solís. Richard Payne, engagement manager and automotive operational consultant, specializing in crisis management at Seraph that have successfully delivered projects in the Americas, Europe, China and India. Eduardo and Richard will be sharing best practices with the Managing Director of Alderney Advisors, Alicia Messe who is specialized in developing financial solutions and restructuring global automotive companies and the 30 year of experience coach in automotive supply chain, Jan Griffiths, President of Gravitas Detroit

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Alicia Masse Eduardo Solís Richard Payne