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American Airlines Reports Major Growth in Latin America

By Emilio Aristegui | Fri, 02/18/2022 - 07:34

American Airlines saw significant growth in Latin America and the Caribbean during 2021 and will continue to expand its flights to the region, said José Freig, International President, American Airlines.

“Last year was a record year for American in Latin America and the Caribbean, with our capacity in markets like Mexico and Colombia responding to unprecedented demand. In Mexico, for example, we grew more than 20 percent, incorporating two new destinations–Culiacan and Chetumal–, as well as new routes to key leisure destinations in the country from our hubs in the US and from Austin,” said Freig via ALTA.

Alliances are vital for the future of the aviation industry, highlighted Freig. American Airlines collaborates with numerous airlines including GOL and JetSMART in South America, allowing the airline to further its presence in the region as demand continues to grow in what Freig describes as a ‘unique’ opportunity for Latin America and the Caribbean to expand.

“In Colombia we grew more than 100 percent with new routes at JFK, more wide-body flights, as well as the launch of our seventh destination in the country, San Andrés. This year, as our customers continue to take to the skies, we look forward to continuing to launch new and exciting flights in Latin America and the Caribbean,” said Freig.

American Airlines is the leading US carrier in Latin America and the Caribbean, where it holds 4,000 team members operating 2,200 weekly flights to 90, said Freig. Collaboration between companies, associations and governments is extremely important to promote travel and tourism in Latin America and the Caribbean.

“In the long term, it is a golden opportunity to refocus on airport infrastructure that will enable future growth in the region. Finally, we must maintain many of the efficiencies that we have identified over the last two years, as they will be crucial once the pandemic is over,” explained Freig.

American Airlines flies to Mexico City, Monterrey, Merida, Leon and Guadalajara from its hubs in Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles and others.

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