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The Week in Agribusiness: Boosting the Mexican Farmer

By Jan Hogewoning | Fri, 01/24/2020 - 16:53

Mexico has a rich agricultural tradition, a vast arsenal of agricultural crops, and dedicated farmers. The markets are showing farmers can deliver, but they benefit greatly from any help they can get.

Marijuana may see legalization this April. Whether the government will allow commercial growing is still an open question.

The world keeps an eye on African swine fever as it continues its transnational spread. Governments are intervening with harsh measures to turn the tide.


Ready for more? Here are the week’s most pressing headlines:


Rural Communities and Growers

Export volumes of avocados from Jalisco reach double-digit growth. USMCA, however, will not guarantee unrestricted access to the US market.

Students of the University of Guanajuato are helping local producers get their products to market.

Investment in tomato growers in Hidalgo is boosting the local economy and mitigating migration.


Mexico National News

The Mexican senate leader seeks to accomplish legalization of Marijuana this spring.

In January, the National Index of Consumer Prices (INPC) increased by 3.18 percent as a result of rising prices of processed foods, beverages and tobacco.


African Swine Fever

Criminal groups are active in spreading the African swine virus in China, buying up sick animals for a lower price and reselling them.

Italy has seized 10 tons of Chinese pork in a preventive measure against the epidemic.


News From the US

The Trump administration is limiting enforcement of clean water regulations. Modifications could lessen the burden for agricultural producers, but face harsh criticism from environmental groups.

Bayer faces a fourth lawsuit due to claims that its Roundup weed killer is carcinogenic.



VTB Bank in Russia is seeking investors for grains business in February.


Jan Hogewoning Jan Hogewoning Journalist and Industry Analyst