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High Quality and Just-in-Time Delivery are Racksa's Key Strengths

By MBN Staff | Fri, 08/06/2021 - 10:18

Q: As a manufacturer of storage systems, what sets Racksa apart from its competition in the automotive sector?

A: Racksa manufactures returnable containers for the automotive industry. We are also working for household appliance companies and in other sectors. Companies use our metal containers to transport their products and avoid using wooden pallets, which are only a waste of money. For example, if a project lasts five years, wooden racks will wear out during that time and must be replaced. Racksa is mainly focused on the US market and we work with some of the most important automotive OEMs.

Q: What has allowed Racksa to position itself in the US market?

A: When we launched Racksa, the automotive industry was highly attractive thanks to its size and opportunities. We saw that working with the automotive industry in the US was the most viable way to enter the market without competing with German or Asian companies. We decided that our main product would be human capital. Our highly experienced welding line is the advantage that Racksa tries to highlight and promote abroad. Now is a good time for Mexican companies to strengthen their position in the US market, which needs skilled labor that is difficult to find.

A barrier that we are trying to break down is the lack of trust in Mexicans among US citizens. This requires that we make a stronger effort, such as meeting them face to face, accepting smaller down payments than usual and even granting them credit. For clients in the US, the quality of the products is the main requirement, followed by strict delivery times. In the next few years, the US market will have an even greater need for us because of its trade war with China. Now is a great moment for the Mexican industry. 

After almost three years in the market, Racksa has established itself but getting a foothold was not easy. Just as we were taking off, the pandemic hit and it was difficult for us to keep going. In January last year, steel, our main raw material, was valued at MX$18 (US$0.9); today, it is around MX$40 (US$2). That volatility has made it more difficult for us to compete in the automotive sector but, at the end of the day, these are obstacles that we have to turn into opportunities. Fortunately, things have improved significantly.

Q: How is Racksa seizing the trend in inventory automation?

A: Automated racks have built-in sensors that can send signals to a robot when it is full or empty. Instead of just acting as returnable containers, racks also act as an operator. As soon as the rack is in the correct position and the robot's sensors are calibrated, the products are simply removed or put in. The automated system can be installed in our metal containers.


Racksa, founded in 2018, is a Mexican company that manufactures storage and material handling systems, including industrial racks and metal shelving

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