Scania México to Invest US$2.47 Million to Strengthen Operations
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Scania México to Invest US$2.47 Million to Strengthen Operations

Photo by:   Scania México
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Alejandro Enríquez By Alejandro Enríquez | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Tue, 02/16/2021 - 16:15

The Swedish commercial vehicle company Scania announced it will continue to invest in the country "to support its commercial and service operations for transportation and passenger segments.” Without a doubt, these have been difficult times. But our company is committed to Mexican truck drivers, which is why we continue and will continue to invest so commercial vehicles keep moving," said Alejandro Mondragón, CEO of Scania México in a statement.

The investment will boost the expansion of Scania’s spare part logistics center. The center has doubled its size from 1,700m2 to 3,617m2 and it is expected to reach 5,190m2 in 2024. The company mentioned that the goal is to guarantee availability while improving spare part supply all over the country. Recently, in an interview with MBN, Alejandro Mondragón mentioned that he is confident the brand will strengthen its leadership in aftersales services. "Mexican customers are starting to realize that Scania offers the best aftersales service. We will remain on that track, while proactively adding services on the field, at our customers' facilities, and more," he said.

Scania's investment also brought the company’s financial branch, Scania Finance México, which started operations on Feb. 15. Anders Sundberg, CEO of Scania Finance México, highlighted the interest of the new branch in creating value for customers. “Having financial backup favors the continuity of the business. Our support is long-term oriented." Scania will also open a new flagship location in Tepotzotlan, State of Mexico, within the Mexico City metropolitan area. The new facilities are in construction and are expected to be finished by 2Q21. This location will take the company to a total of 16 service stations, plus the additional 45 shops based at customers' facilities. "We do not aim to outsource the most important element we offer to our customers: aftersales service," said Mondragón in a statement.


Scania Mexico
Credit: Scania Mexico


Mondragón had previously highlighted the benefits of having shops at customers' facilities. "I want to make the most of our operations by providing maintenance services at our customers’ facilities. We can provide every service at our client’s facilities or we can work through a subscription service in which technical staff assists regularly. This business model is not mature enough in Mexico for heavy trucks. The vast majority of on-field services in Mexico are reactive rather than preventive. During my time, there will be a radical change in this regard," he told MBN.

Scania has more than 26 years in the Mexican market. With this investment, the company is confident about consolidating its leadership in aftersales services while strengthening its operations in the country. "The brand's strength is based on its distinctive value through a broad product offering focused on reducing fuel consumption and providing safer and more connected vehicles, supported by state-of-the-art aftersales service," stated the company.

Photo by:   Scania México

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