Product Packaging that Fits Client Needs
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Product Packaging that Fits Client Needs

Photo by:   D'Ortega
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Victor del Abrego - D'Ortega
Director General


Q: What advantages does D'Ortega offer when compared to its competitors?

A: Customer service is one of our main features and advantages. The speed with which we respond to our customers' requirements is one of the best in the market. In terms of price, we remain profitable but also convenient for the customer. Our client portfolio covers various sectors, including electronics, security and food, among others. Most clients are American companies established in Mexico’s as well as at border region. 


Q: What are the trends in food packaging and other consumer products?

A: In the case of food, the market continues to demand traditional packaging. However, a substantial and growing shift is from plastics to sustainable packaging, which is recycled and recyclable. We know that the plastics industry has also evolved to generate plastics that can be recycled. The material we use does not have direct contact with food, as there is always a barrier such as cardboard or paper, which is FDA or European-standard certified. These certifications guarantee that the input is safe in terms of having contact with food.

The US uses recycled materials but at a lower proportion than virgin forest material. Without a doubt, the market cannot only use products that come from the forestry industry; these necessarily have to be complemented with recycled materials. Mexico does not have a large virgin paper or boxboard industry and that is why we use recycled materials. For this reason, when the market demands virgin materials, we depend on imports from regions such as Asia, Europe , North America and South América.

In Mexico, we have the capacity to offer better raw material costs than in the US. However, the competition has grown. In the past, we all wanted to manufacture large batches of the same product. One example is the automotive industry, which 30 years ago had very few models and brands and today there are so many that it is even difficult to make a decision. This has been replicated in other industries and ours is no exception. There are increasingly smaller lots and companies have to look for ways to be more competitive and efficient. This is where digitalization comes in, which allows us to access low volume markets.


Q: What procedures do you have in place for product packaging to enable greater digital interaction with the end consumer?

Q: Our packaging is still traditional. The biggest challenge at this time is the migration that all customers are demanding to change their designs to comply with the new NOM-51, which requires visibility of the product’s content for sugar and sodium, among others. Another big challenge is that characters and mascots used on products to invite consumers to buy them can no longer be placed on the front of the product. Given these new requirements, brands are looking to differentiate through customization and by communicating with their customers in a different way. One of the features we have implemented in our packaging for several years is the use of QR codes that allow our clients to communicate specific messages to their consumers.


Q: How important are your certifications, such as ISO-9000 and FSSC 22000, for attracting new international customers?

A: Although it is true that certifications are relevant, they are more significant internally. They are the means through which we have a documented work system that is being periodically audited and that allows us to be consistent in the application of procedures, records and controls to track our materials, inputs and final product. Externally, they are a ticket to enter new markets. 


Q: How is your international expansion progressing?

A: We are focused on serving the established US market in the border region. This market is immense and right now, it exceeds our capabilities. That said, we have been careful with our decisions to grow steadily through excellent quality and service and customer care, the latter being one of the pillars of our operations. Client demands have become more challenging over time but our track record and good results have helped us to earn their trust. One of our objectives is the constant improvement of our entire production cycle. This process never ends as every day there are things to improve and it is a constant effort. We are walking before we run.



D'Ortega specializes in the design and printing of folded boxboard and litho-laminated products. It has been in the market for over 50 years and works mainly in the food and beverage, chemical-pharmaceutical and beauty industries

Photo by:   D'Ortega

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