Ron Shen
International Sales Vice President
View from the Top

Chinese Giant Boosts PV Segment

Fri, 02/01/2019 - 14:08

Q: What added value does GoodWe offer to the Mexican solar sector?

A: GoodWe has an installed capacity of 12GW globally and is the No. 1 provider of PV inverters in China’s solar distributed generation segment. Based on that, last year we designed a specific plan to determine our 10 strategic global markets. In Latin America, we selected Mexico and Brazil. Mexico represents an attractive emerging market due to its new policy framework and the country’s high solar irradiation. The solar market is taking off in the country. We also have seen large-scale utility projects with the results of the long-term electricity auctions. In this context, we expect substantial growth in Mexico’s solar sector. Our mission is to become one of the Top 5 solar inverter providers in the industry. Bloomberg ranked GoodWe as the sixth PV inverter provider in terms of global revenues but our goal is to become stronger by covering every strategic market. We are conducting a step-by-step assessment of Mexico’s market to make sure we are growing hand in hand with the market.
Q: In which market segments does GoodWe seek to position its products and services?

A: We have a comprehensive portfolio of PV inverters, ranging from 1kWh to 80kWh. Additionally, our energy storage systems have received a very good response in other markets. We believe that when Mexico’s PV market matures, energy storage will become an inherent segment. This is why our strategy in Mexico is to cover the residential and commercial segments.
We are also starting to look beyond utility-scale projects since our products are a good match for power generation systems. We understand that it is not the best timing to introduce solar storage to Mexico but we are trying to offer this option to our clients. By using our products, our clients can pre-emptively save on their investment because they will need to incorporate energy storage in the last stage of every energy generation facility in the near future.
GoodWe is an international player with high-quality Chinese technology but we also want to be very close to our customers. GoodWe offers a solar academy for training and forums but we want to emphasize our postsales service. To that end, we are introducing an office in Monterrey to provide high-level customer service. In the meantime, this team will be supported by our headquarters to make sure our brand always highlights human care. PV distributed generation is a market that will take off in the near future, as we have seen in countries such as China, Brazil and India.
On the supply side, technology is moving closer to the consumer and there is no need for long-distance energy transmission. We believe the regulatory framework in Mexico will motivate this transition. In Mexico, we already have an installed base of 50MW and our goal is to add 40MW by the end of 2018. Our target for the next year is to triple our revenue in terms of a sales but mostly to expand our brand and position our products.
Q: What benefits does GoodWe’s solar academy platform provide your customers?

A: GoodWe’s solar academy started in China and was the first initiative of this kind in the country. The academy provides technical proposals, system solutions and is used as a support tool from an EPC point of view. In China, we have organized several training sessions and forums that not only focus on our clients, but installers, distributors and all public entities interested in the solar sector.
At forums, we do not talk about our product, we talk about a technology platform to share information with our peers and competitors. This platform adds value to our practices and we have not identified any other company that offers this kind of in-house activity. GoodWe is proud of its pioneering solar academy and it really represents an added value for the company and our clients.