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High-Quality Lightning Rods Can Help Protect Investment

Alejandro Cuenca - Aiditec Systems
International Sales Director


Pedro Alcalá By Pedro Alcalá | Senior Journalist & Industry Analyst - Wed, 06/22/2022 - 13:46

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Q: What is the role of protection systems in maintaining energy efficiency and the security of industrial installations?

A: Companies invest a great deal of money in energy efficiency and expensive products, such as solar panels and other energy efficiency technology. Protecting this expensive investment is paramount, especially in a country like Mexico that is prone to incidents related to frequent thunder and lightning. We have specially designed systems for solar systems, as well as for other equipment in the energy, mining and oil and gas sectors. In every industry, investment must be protected. This is the way to do it.

Q: What is the main reason for companies to resist making this investment?

A: There are norms that regulate lightning protection systems. Companies cannot reject making this investment because they need to comply with regulation but they can bet on brands with lesser quality and even counterfeit products that in the end will cost them much more. This is a big challenge in the Mexican market because we have found many fake systems.

Q: What are the company’s main differentiators?

A: Aiditec is the only company on an international level to offer a lifetime guarantee for lightning rods, a benefit we can offer thanks to our secure manufacturing process. This differentiates us from many other manufacturers. Moreover, the company complies with UNE 21.186. This Spanish norm is more restrictive regarding the testing of lightning rods. Other companies can get certified under the more flexible French norm, for example. Aiditec provides a guarantee that other manufacturers cannot deliver and works to a higher regulatory standard.

Q: What is Aiditec’s process to enhance products and develop new features?

A: The company has a partnership with the Energy Technology Institute (ITE) in Valencia, Spain. ITE operates a widely respected laboratory, where many technology manufacturers go to carry out tests, including Aiditec.

This year, we are launching two new products. Aiditec is annually evaluating and enhancing its lightning rods, receiving current certifications by an accredited laboratory.

Q: How does the company offer digitalized applications for lightning rods and the products the company offers?

A: When you put a lightning rod on your roof, you are not constantly checking it. But just as one would do check-ups on a car, it is important to check your lightning rod to ensure it will not fail when needed. Through the Internet of Things, Aiditec keeps the owner informed about the state of the installation. If a failure occurs, users can act immediately.

Q: How necessary are lightning rods in different infrastructure segments, such as the residential environment?

A: The benefits differ strongly depending on the country. Every local regulatory norm establishes some type of lightning protection. Houses should also be protected. One of the first issues people need to carry out is a risk calculation. One of the questions to be asked at that stage is what type of building we are dealing with. Depending on the region and the number of lightning flashes expected, companies and end users can evaluate what kind of lightning rod is required.

Q: How do you compare the Mexican regulation to other jurisdictions where the company operates?

A: The main difference can be found between the Spanish or French norms, which are global reference points that consider the construction of the lightning rod and the tests needed for it to be functional. Mexican regulation mainly considers the materials, the surrounding area and the installation but not the tip of the lightning rod itself. This is an important difference because we are incorporating a technology that will not be inspected or tested in Mexico like it would be in Europe.

Q: What role do you expect Mexico to play in the company’s portfolio?

A: Mexico has a very important profile for our sector. It has a high number of lightning events, so we expect it to be a key country in the coming years regarding the production of our products. The Latin American market is great for Aiditec, in part because the Spanish regulation is common here. Mexico is one of the most important countries on the continent and its potential is crucial to our company’s development because the culture surrounding lightning protection is already strong here.

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