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Jinko Solar Unveils 610W N-Type Tiger Pro Module

By Cas Biekmann | Tue, 08/11/2020 - 09:08

Jinko Solar, one of the main players in the solar module manufacturing ‘super league’ and with a significant presence in Mexico, unveiled a new generation module: the 610W N-Type Tiger Pro was presented by the company on August 7. The module will officially be shown at SNEC 2020 in Shanghai.

Jinko Solar underlines its position as one of the top solar panel manufacturers by having ranked first in global shipments of modules for four consecutive years. In terms of manufacturing capacity, the company leads as well, said General Manager for LATAM and Italy, Alberto Cuter, in an interview with MBN. Jinko considers Mexico to be an important part of its portfolio as well. “In Mexico, the company has a very good market share, already having delivered 2GW with the largest installed power plant in Latin America. The 830MW Villanueva solar plant is fully equipped with Jinko Solar modules,” Cuter said.

In order to stay on top of a rapidly evolving market, Jinko Solar invests in R&D to maintain its favorable position: “R&D is fundamental to a company such as ours, which is dedicated to continuously fine-tuned technological developments,” Cuter said.

Pushing solar modules past the 600W line is a significant development. To make this a success, Jinko Solar developed a new type of highly efficient cell technology, called ‘N-Type HOT 2.0’. “Thanks to the introduction of new technologies, such as HOT tunneling layer passivated contact and advanced metallization, cell efficiency has reached 24.79 percent, setting once again a world record for the efficiency of large area N-Type monocrystalline silicon solar cells. At the same time, the use of 78 cell design and of TR technology, which helps reduce significantly the cell gap, lower the electricity cost and improve the system compatibility, represents another milestone for the PV industry in its quest for grid parity,” Jinko stated on its press release.

Jinko Solar has also been making progress on its ‘PV + Architecture’ product line, which features colored 550W at varying levels of translucence. The modules are aimed at making aesthetically pleasing integration easier by straying from the standard hues associated with solar modules. “This has been achieved mostly thanks to the efforts of the R&D departments of module manufacturers and their industry partners. Just two years ago, 95 percent of production was polycrystalline. Now, the same percentage of production is mono PERC modules. In a two-year span, the entire technology standard changed. This happened due to the technological revolution, which was driven by R&D departments,” Cuter said.

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