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How Can UGC Help Your Marketing Strategy?

By Juan José Artero - Hitsbook


By Juan José Artero | CEO - Tue, 09/28/2021 - 10:48

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When we talk about UGC as part of a brand's marketing strategy, this user-generated content has the characteristic of helping to promote the brand (products or services) by turning users into content creator ambassadors.

UGC refers to any type of content (text, images, videos, reviews) created by consumers, fans, or followers of a brand.

According to studies, ROI is noticeably increased when brands are included in organic publications of the UGC kind, where users recommend a product, as we clearly see on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Mercado Libre. This type of UGC is usually reliable and helps brands to maintain their presence in a natural way, enhancing the media gained from the digital ecosystem. Increasing the trust and positioning of brands, avoiding the user could see them perceived as disruptive or annoying.

The fact that a brand shares the content generated by users by placing that content with the product on its social networks is usually exciting and relevant for both real and potential consumers, and indirectly it generates loyalty, increases brand presence, generates engagement, and even drives the content strategy.

Customers trust other customers, and user-generated content is created by people for people.

Today, consumers want to know everything about a product or service before buying it, as 92 percent of consumers trust a recommendation from someone else more than brand content.

User generated content is a tool that all brands should bet on. Why?

● 80 percent of consumers say that user-generated content influences their purchasing decisions.

● Users have a +70 percent chance of buying after a good interaction.

● Approximately 75 percent of consumers share their positive experiences related to a product.

● 86 percent of companies are including user-generated content as part of their marketing plans.

● 31 percent of users are able to better remember UGC content.

User-generated content creates a direct relationship with customers and humanizes a brand. Not only does it increase your market value, it also attracts customers' attention. Consumers are attracted by brands that reflect their values or ideology, brands that they can relate to on a human level. Forty-eight percent of marketers believe that customer-created content can help humanize their brand.

Studies also show that user-generated content is perceived as more authentic than branded content. More than 60 percent of consumers say that UGC creates a more authentic shopping experience, while another 63 percent of consumers said they would rather buy from a company they consider to be authentic over the competition.

Unlike influencer content, where brands have to pay for content, user-generated content "costs nothing." Additionally, consumers find that it is 9.8 times more impactful than influencer content.

All of the above advantages lead us to this one: the impact on purchasing decisions. Almost 80 percent of users acknowledge that user-generated content has a significant effect on their purchasing decisions.

Brand Ambassadors

Loyal customers are the best brand ambassadors. Consumers are likely to follow the opinion of other consumers than that of a brand. Today, user decisions are based on organic content found on social networks, therefore the UGC enhances the natural impact of consumers on brands in the digital ecosystems that potential users already consume. With these action you can achieve identification between the user and  the brand image, higher ratios of organic interactions, till the acquisition or purchase online.

So how can we implement a successful user-generated content strategy?

Follow these six steps:

● Establishing specific objectives for the campaign.

● Choosing a tool that allows you to collect user-generated content, filter and manage your campaign with all the legal guarantees.

● Communicating clearly to the audience what kind of content you want and the possible reward.

● Interacting with the audience and creating a strong community.

● Analyzing and measuring the UGC campaign performance.

● Optimizing the content obtained.

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Photo by:   Juan José Artero

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