How is Your Company Revolutionzing Medication Distribution?

Thu, 09/19/2019 - 15:46

New sales channels for medications like retail stores and online platforms are forcing traditional pharmacies to innovate to stand out and maintain their market share. This phenomenon is also leading new entrants to take an increasingly important and comprehensive role in healthcare, boosted by doctors at pharmacy-adjacent clinics available for consultations and to prescribe medications. Mexico Health Review spoke with pharmacies and retail leaders to understand how their companies are differentiating from other points of sale and innovating in providing care.

Ricardo Marti


Commercial Director Pharmacy, Health and New Businesses of Walmart, Bodega Aurrera, Superama and Sam’s Club

Our infrastructure covers the needs of 85 percent of the population in the regions where we operate. We have made sure to be only 10 minutes away from our clients’ homes. Walmex receives over 5 million clients per day, which provides a great opportunity to increase access to health. Our strategy for the healthcare sector follows five pillars: growth, omnichannel, productivity, agility and people’s culture. We are constantly innovating to open new sales channels for our clients and to develop end-to-end strategies that ensure that the product is available as fast as possible. All our decisions are focused on the patient. For us, speaking about health means speaking about well-being, so we treat these topics together. We want our patients to perceive us as experts in our field so they can trust us.

Macedonio Garza


Director General of Farmacias Benavides

We have created partnerships with players in the digital arena and e-commerce platforms such as Rappi and Cornershop. We started collaborating with both companies in the first half of 2019 and our expectation is that these ventures will help us become more accessible to clients that demand digital purchases and home-delivery services. Improving medicine availability is among our main priorities and it is a truly complex problem. In Mexico, recent studies show that a patient often needs to visit more than two pharmacies to fill a prescription. We have worked to ensure that Farmacias Benavides is the sales point where patients can find all their prescribed medications. We have made significant investments to improve product availability at all our locations by understanding consumer demand. We also are forming alliances with logistics experts to improve deliveries and to comply with customer expectations.


Guillermo Martorell


Director General of Grupo RFP

Many people in Mexico do not have access to banking services. We should be offering alternative payment methods because not every transaction should be done with bank cards or cash. We are launching a project soon where we will introduce a card that is not tied to a bank and offers credit to clients to buy medication. The service will be very simple. Patients will be able to have insight into their credit and either have a debit or credit card model. People will need to pay off the credit after a week, but they will not have to use banking services. This will help people get more access.