Gabriel Alvarado
LATAM & Caribbean Vice President and General Manager
View from the Top

IT Solutions for the Workforce

Thu, 09/07/2017 - 14:54

Q: What percentage of your operations does health represent and what is your market share target?

A: Twenty-nine percent of Kronos’ business is within the healthcare industry. Kronos’ development strategy is based on stakeholder input, market trends and customer needs. Stakeholders from the healthcare vertical with deep domain knowledge participate in associations and communicate with customers daily to listen to recommendations for ongoing product improvements. By also monitoring market trends, Kronos looks for innovations to drive market leadership. Finally, our customers provide constant input and direction by submitting ideas to Kronos and by participating in various customer advisory boards.

Q: What potential does Kronos see for opportunities in health in Mexico and what strategy will it use to capitalize on them?

A: Kronos can help and add value in any process within the continuum of care, whether they are health providers or workers, clinical specialists or medical devices and life sciences manufacturers. We are specialists in health and life sciences organizations, so we add value to everything and everyone that touches, or is around, patients. Our main focus and most important objective is patient care.

Q: What added value can Kronos provide over other companies?

A: Kronos workforce management solutions provide bestin-class functionality, automation, ease of use and seamless integration for any sized organization in every industry. More than 30,000 organizations use Kronos worldwide to maximize their workforce, maintain compliance and improve employee engagement and productivity. In addition, Kronos continues to invest approximately 10 percent of gross revenue in R&D. This funding provides us with the ability to continue advancing our solutions and provide our customers with the most innovative solution.

Q: What does Kronos look for when creating alliances and what added value do these provide?

A: Kronos partners with managed applications services and managed hosting-solutions providers to help organizations ease the burden on their in-house IT departments. This provides organizations all the benefits of a workforce management solution without the challenges of planning and implementing new technology.

Q: In which area is Kronos seeing the best return on investment?

A: Kronos’ corporate strategy is focused on three core principles: cultivating continual innovation, building and sustaining our own engaged workforce and fostering a customer-first approach in all that we do. By delivering innovative workforce solutions, Kronos helps all types of organizations strike that balance of individual and organizational needs. 

Q: What internal and external factors are boosting the workforce management industry as a whole?

A: Three of the most significant trends driving Kronos’ market are workforce solutions in the cloud. Deploying workforce management and human capital management solutions in the cloud provides a single source of data, simplifies software delivery and helps organizations accelerate workforce goals. Cloud solutions unburden IT staff to focus on core business initiatives while the organization can be sure to leverage the latest version of the Kronos solution.More than any other time in history, organizations are faced with enormous challenges regarding risk mitigation and compliance management due to labor regulations. Keeping up-to-date on new requirements and legislation is one part of the challenge, while accurately tracking and maintaining compliance is the other. Kronos provides solutions with workforce diversity in mind for workers of all generations, regardless if they are contractors, part-timers, hourly or salaried, telecommuters or field workers. Our software is powerful, scalable and flexible enough to handle complex pay rules while providing employee selfservice and collaboration features to empower the workforce.