José Luis Elizondo
View from the Top

A Tech Platform to Democratize Healthcare

Wed, 05/15/2019 - 17:22

Q: How do Wellmedic Health Centers’ services differentiate from other telemedicine platforms?
A: Wellmedic Health Centers started operations in 2016, in the wake of the increasingly popular co-working model trend. We brought that model into the healthcare sector through our Intelligent Health Centers. Our core business is to offer office spaces to medical professionals in the best available locations to allow doctors to connect to their patients. We first established in the del Valle neighborhood in Nuevo Leon, as the region has strong purchasing power. We have already opened three more centers, two in Monterrey and one in Merida. Overall, we offer 120 consultation offices and our goal in the next five years is to open at least one health center in each of Mexico’s 32 states.
Q: What are the main benefits doctors and patients get from using Wellmedic’s infrastructure?
A: We are the first healthcare-oriented co-working space in the world. Our model has gradually evolved and we are now in the 2.0 version. We believe we can contribute to healthcare by promoting disruption and the democratization and demonetization of the sector. In the current private healthcare model, doctor are businessmen selling a product and also have to handle their own administration services and billing. Our goal is to help doctors by freeing up their time and not having to worry about those extra activities. We cater to all types of medical professionals, including doctors, psychologists, nutritionists, dentists and physical therapists.  
Doctors need personalized service and a strong platform to back them up. We offer much more than a space to rent. Our goal is to empower doctors through our memberships. Our infrastructure and services allow us to provide fully furnished consultation rooms with the equipment each type of specialist needs. We provide growth opportunities and unique experiences for healthcare professionals. We also provide physicians with extra services, such as phone assistance from our own staff to manage their agendas and billing. We can also offer financing schemes to patients that require them.
Q: How will Wellmedic’s model increase access to healthcare?
A: One of our goals is to democratize healthcare through access to quality services. About 70 percent of doctors in Mexico are general practitioners and the rest are specialists. Most of the latter are clustered in five states in the country, leaving the rest without coverage. As a result, a woman with breast cancer in a rural town of a southern state will not have the same opportunity to obtain specialized care than someone in a major city. By spreading Wellmedic’s Health Centers to every state, specialists can bring their services to regions that might lack them.
Q: How is Wellmedic using technology to expand its reach throughout the country?
A: From the start, we believed digitalization could help a doctor’s professional development. For that reason, we invested in the most robust telemedicine platform in the market, which led to several success stories connecting our doctors with patients across the globe.
In 2018, we developed Wellmedic CONNECT. This model allows us to create small medical consultation centers in areas close to the patient. Since mid-2019, we started incorporating this platform to one of the largest pharmacy groups in Nuevo Leon and Mexico City. These “mini” health centers use telemedicine to turn a general practitioner’s office into a specialized center. Doctors use our platform to connect with a remote specialist and provide a more accurate diagnosis. Meanwhile, specialists can use an electronic signature to prescribe to the patient at a distance.
We are the first company in Mexico to provide a service of this kind, which has proven popular, receiving about 800 patients on average per store.