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Capacity, Reliability, Pillars of Quality Crushing Equipment

By Alejandro Ehrenberg | Wed, 03/18/2020 - 16:01

Q: How is your business adapting to the changing landscape of Mexican mining under President López Obrador’s government?

A: We have positive expectations for the present administration. It is true that the initial discourse surrounding mining was rather harsh, but the authorities have taken some concrete measures that favor the industry. Our clients inform us that more environmental licenses are being granted, which is fundamental for moving projects forward. The government realizes that the industry is key for Mexico’s development, and I think the situation is getting progressively better. Trust between the private and public sectors is becoming re-established, and our clients in the mining industry tend to have positive outlooks. That being said, we have seen some of our customers put new investments on hold. They are still waiting for greater certainty. However, our strategy is to further strengthen relations with our clients, in order to close any pending contracts and to keep providing technical service to those that are already running our equipment.

Q: Haver & Boecker established itself in Brazil before coming to Mexico. What know-how did the company acquire through this experience?

A: The Brazilian mining industry is traditionally focused on iron ore. On the other hand, Mexico’s industry is more diversified, producing silver, gold, copper, lead and zinc, as well as iron and other metals. As iron’s density is high, and in Brazil it is especially abrasive and corrosive, we have developed very robust equipment to be able to process it. As a result, we are able to supply Mexican miners with equipment that exceeds the specifications for the toughest jobs. This is an advantage we have over others in the market. Nevertheless, we make a point of adapting our machines to Mexico’s particular conditions. For example, ore in Brazil tends to be highly moist, and our machines adapt to this condition. On the other hand, Mexico’s conditions are drier, calling for a different technology. The machines required for copper, for example, are not exactly the same as those needed for gold. We also adjust them to the requirements of each subprocess within the industry.

Q: What sets you apart from other screening machine suppliers in the mining industry?

A: In addition to remarkable robustness, we are distinguished for having high-capacity equipment. No other company makes equipment that can handle the large production figures our equipment handles. Currently, a special kind of screening machine known in Mexico as banana screens are in great demand. Normally, screens are horizontal or inclined, but banana screens have multiple inclinations that increase the equipment’s load capacity. Standard screens have an 18-degree straight-line inclination. With the multiple inclinations format, fine material has a chance to get through. This increases the machine’s processing capacity.

Q: What process do you follow to manufacture customized equipment for each client?

A: Given that clients’ production plants are almost always already built, our goal is to increase production without making changes to the building. To this end, we adapt the equipment to the plant. Once the equipment is up and running, we implement a system that measures vibrations to know if the speed must be adjusted or if the machine requires engineering changes. This service measures a wide array of key variables to determine the state of the machine. We not only sell equipment; we follow up continually so we can make all necessary adaptations.
We also offer Nia Flow, a software that evaluates the entire crushing process of a plant, not just the screening machines. It simulates primary crushers, production belts, screeners and mills at each stage of the process and provides a report to the client so he knows where he can be more efficient. We then work with the client to adjust the equipment or to replace old machines. Each of our clients in the mining industry, such as Calidra, Grupo México, Peñoles, First Majestic and Frisco, have unique characteristics. Innovative solutions such as Nia Flow are extremely useful for developing screening products that match these characteristics.

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