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Drilling Campaign to Be Accelerated at Reyna’s Guigui Project

By Paloma Duran | Wed, 06/30/2021 - 12:51

Reyna Silver Corp. announced that it has commissioned a second drilling rig that seeks to expand its drilling program at its Guigui project in the Santa Eulalia district, Chihuahua, where the country's largest Carbon Replacement Deposit (CRD) is located.

The company has explained that despite the district  having more than 300 years of mining activities, the intrusive source of the CRD system has not been found. The company is focusing its drilling campaigns on finding this source, which is expected to have large volume mineralized skarns.

Reyna Silver has already drilled 8,000m out of the 12,000m planned for its first exploration stage. With the second rig, the company expects to accelerate and complete the Phase 1 drilling campaign by the end of July, said Jorge Ramiro Monroy, CEO of Reyna Silver.

“The exploration team is delighted that the Board has given us another drill rig to drill targets that emerged through our exploration to date. We have a large area in which to seek the source intrusion, so the second rig gives us the flexibility to follow up on initial holes while continuing to drill our initially identified targets,” said Dr. Peter Megaw, Chief Exploration Advisor to Reyna Silver.

In December, the company announced that it began drilling its Guigui project. The targets were chosen based on geology, geochemistry, geophysics and hyperspectral satellite imagery studies. "The initial holes point to a series of strong geological and related anomalies that coincide above where the CRD exploration model suggests the underlying engine of the system should lie," said Dr. Peter Megaw, Reyna Silver's Chief Technical Advisor. Ramiro told MBN that the company is currently drilling 10,000m, which is already halfway through. However, the company intends to add another 10,000m in 2021.

The Guigui project is located in Chihuahua and comprises 4,500ha that cover a significant portion of the world’s largest Carbonate Replacement Deposit (CDR) system. It has 500Moz of silver, where the average rate is 310g/t with 15 percent lead-zinc combined with a very high tonnage. In an interview with MBN, Ramiro explained that what is unique about the CDR system is that only the top part has been found. The skarn part of the system usually has the richest mineralization, which is believed to be within Reyna’s property. The theory has been validated by geophysics, mapping and drilling work.


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