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Epiroc Will Provide First-Ever Batteries as a Service

By Alejandro Ehrenberg | Fri, 07/10/2020 - 13:46

Epiroc reported that the world’s first Batteries as a Service (BaaS) agreement has been finalized in Canada. Epiroc and Vale have partnered on this innovative approach for using battery technology in mining operations.

“A key component to the success of this offering is the flexibility it allows our customers. We take ownership of the battery itself and automatically replace and update the units as needed, which means the mine site can breathe easier and continue to focus on heightened production,” said Shawn Samuels, Product Manager Rocvolt, Epiroc Canada.

Epiroc explained that it works directly with the customer to define a battery plan that suits the needs of their operation. The lifespan is guaranteed and the battery status is carefully monitored to ensure predictive maintenance with reduced downtime. If a customer wants to increase or decrease their capacity, they can adjust their plan and the service will be tailored to meet their requirements.

As part of an ongoing sustainability commitment, Epiroc will remove old batteries from site and replace them with new ones. These older batteries are then used for secondary applications and will be recycled at the end of the process. "Batteries as a Service helps our customers benefit from the latest battery technology without having to worry about facilitating upgrades and removals – they can focus on their business and we make sure they have all the power they need," noted Fredrik Martinsson, Head of Marketing Rocvolt, Products and Services at Epiroc.

Along with the BaaS agreement, Epiroc will be providing Vale with 10 battery electric vehicles for two Canadian mine sites. These machines will include four Scooptram ST14 loaders, two Boomer M2C drill rigs, two Boltec MC bolting rigs and two Minetruck MT42 trucks. To complement the new battery fleet, Vale will also be adding three of Epiroc’s charging cabinets and seven charging posts for equipment support.

“We value and look forward to continuing our successful partnership with Vale as we move towards a zero emissions future in mining together. We both recognize the positive impact a successful battery service implementation can have on operations, so our mutual confidence in one another is well placed,” stated Jason Smith, General Manager Epiroc Canada.

The BaaS agreement with Vale is in line with key trends shaping the mining industry. In an interview with Mexico Business News, Alfredo Bertrand, General Manager of Epiroc Mexico, explained that Mexico’s miners are working to reduce fossil fuel by producing electricity: there is a clear trend toward green energy. Bertrand pointed out that the public sector has not offered measures such as tax incentives, but it has sent out messages making it clear that projects with low environmental impact will be prioritized. “The government is partial to green projects,” Bertrand said. While the mining industry in general, and especially in Latin America, is reticent to incorporating new technology, Mexico is comparatively more open to new equipment and models to improve efficiency, Bertrand explained. “In fact, Mexico receives 30 or 40 visits yearly from other Latin American countries to see how new products are operating here. Mexico is a role model in Latin America,” he said.

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