Joaquín Patrón
Director General
View from the Top

Heralding the Entry of the Digital Era

Wed, 10/19/2016 - 22:02

Q: What role has satellite communications played in removed site evolution?

A: The mining industry spearheads exploration and operations in areas so remote that no towns can be seen for miles and communication is critical since the world’s economy now revolves around the flow of information. Data must be fast and accurate and the sole solution available to create this bridge is satellite technology, in fact not a lot of hardware is needed, except for the required on- site equipment. Ankla is a company that offers in depth experience in the sector thanks to the strategic alliances it has formed in the industry. We have made these strategic alliances with companies that offer key solutions to mining players, and by combining this with our expertise, we can offer solutions that fit a mining operator’s budget. Satellite communication is expensive and companies are weary of being overrun by the costs, so bearing this in mind we have cost efficient solutions. This is an economy of information, and the flow has to be fast since minutes and seconds are precious especially during critical situations like accidents. In these situations, we need emergency response notified as soon as possible through secure channels of communication that cannot be compromised and will not fail, and satellite is one of the solutions.

Q: What are the benefits of being a partner to Iridium in Mexico, and how will the solutions you provide to the mining industry make huge strides in efficiency?

A: As an Iridium partner we are able to offer truly global solutions. It doesn’t matter if the production site is in northern Mexico, the regional office in Mexico City and the worldwide HQ in another country, because everyone can be connected in a highly reliable and private network that ensures quality of communications. We are bringing new technology and new ways of communication, an example would be the Extreme Iridium Push to Talk (PTT), which is a radio based solution that uses satellite technology. Radio is a standard way of communicating in industrial settings and it is normally restricted to a geographic area that does not go beyond 2km, and from that point onwards infrastructure is required, and this is basically non-existent in the mining sector. Our solution goes one step further, and we are currently the only Spanish speaking partner servicing Mexico and Latin America. We have approached the sector, and it is interested in this technology that serves on a local and global platform and where one device can communicate and thousands can receive. This solution opens a new communication platform where transferring information from a remote site to corporate headquarters located in Canada, Mexico, US, or elsewhere is made possible on the same channel.

Q: How do you ensure a strong communication network in order to help the smooth running of systems in the mines?

A: The trend of Big Data is influencing all industries and the mining sector has moved from a macro perspective to tiny increments of information. The thirst for information means more transceivers and bandwidth, and the more devices are implemented the more complex the process, and human error will increase. A company will then reach point of requiring more bandwidth and communication flows, and this is where we step in to help streamline communication and define the information it wants to transmit. Industries are aiming to become more efficient in their operations, and Ankla helps them reach the desired level of perfection. It is important to streamline communication in order to transmit the crucial information ranging from production to efficiency. Big Data is today and we are the bridge that enables the flow of information.