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It is Difficult for Mexico to Become a Lithium Powerhouse

By Paloma Duran | Thu, 10/14/2021 - 11:07

The president López Obrador announced that even if his electricity reform is not approved, no lithium concessions will be granted. Mining production has followed an upward trend during 1H21 and experts believe that the current environment will allow it to continue growing. In addition, Chihuahua represents approximately 14 percent of gold production and 22 percent of silver production for the entire country.

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 AMLO: Mexico Will Not Grant Lithium Concessions

The Mexican government will reject any request for lithium concessions by private companies, even if congress does not approve President López Obrador’s electricity reform, which seeks to give the state exclusive control over the future of the white metal. Furthermore, industry experts believe that Mexico will not become a world leader in lithium production.

Mexico’s Mining Production Continues to Grow

Mexico's mining production has continued an upward trend during 1H21, showing an increase of more than 9 percent compared to 1H20 records. Gold and zinc have seen the biggest increase in production and, according to experts, the market environment is expected to continue growing.

Chihuahua: Third Largest Mining Producer in the Country

Mining data reports that Chihuahua is considered the third largest mining producing state in the country, representing an approximate 14 percent of gold production and 22 percent of silver production for the entire country.

Great Panther Reports Lower Production

Great Panther Mining has announced its 3Q21 production results from its three mines: Tucano in Brazil and Topia and the Guanajuato Mining Complex (GMC) in Mexico. The company announced that all its assets had problems that led to lower production rates, as a result, its guidance for 2021 will be reviewed to assess whether adjustments are required.

Newmont Improving the Quality of Life in Zacatecas

Zacatecas communities’ development, especially in Mazapil, has been gradually increasing in recent years, consistent with the arrival of Newmont to the state and the beginning of its activities aimed at improving the quality of life, education and health of its citizens.

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