Margarita Bejarano Joins Argonaut Gold
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Margarita Bejarano Joins Argonaut Gold

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Karin Dilge By Karin Dilge | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Tue, 02/01/2022 - 13:12

Margarita Bejarano, former director general of the Mining Sonora Cluster, will be joining Argonaut Gold as Director of Corporate Affairs and Communication. She aims to strengthen the firm in ESG and CSR matters.

Alfredo Phillips, National Director and vice-president of corporate affairs in Argonaut Gold, said that Bejarano’s experience and leadership in the sector will have a positive impact in Argonaut Gold and the communities they operate.

On her part, Berajano expressed her eagerness to join the company in which she will be working arduous to develop ESG and CSR issues. Moreover, she is prepared to align her corporate commitment to construct a responsible, inclusive, safe and innovative environment, especially for the communities Argonaut Gold engages in.

Before Bejarano´s arrival to the Canada-based company, it had announced a trimestral production of 58.777 oz of gold and US$39.6 million in cash flow in 3Q21. Argonaut Gold also announced a net profit of US$ 15 Million, earnings for basic shares of US$ 0.05 cents and a net income of US$ 17.4 million, a 12 percent increase in the third trimester in net utility.

Bejarano´s new role represents a clear commitment to women´s inclusion in the mining industry, considered for the most part a men-only sector, where gender inequality is persistent, nevertheless, “it is important to acknowledge that change is happening,” said Jennifer Burge, CEO, World Wise Coaching & Training LLC, adding that the sector “must work together to advance and create lasting change for women. Without it, mining will be left behind in the battle of talent.”

In addition, at the Mexican Mining Forum 2022, hosted by MBN, Fernando Alanís, Member of the Executive Committee at CAMIMEX and Director at Baluarte Minero said “In 2020, 60,000 women participated in the Mexican mining industry, representing 16 percent of the total workforce. Although this figure is far from being ideal, it is an important development for the sector.”

Women’s participation in the mining industry is not yet balanced among various organization´s departments. While administrative and health departments share a women participation of over 20 percent, board, director, manager and supervisor roles have a representation of under 13 percent, said Alanís. In addition, he said the sector “does not only need to increase the participation of women, but must seek the right balance among organizations.”

It is important to highlight that under Bejarano´s leadership, the Sonora cluster had a significant membership increase. The cluster started with 25 members and today there are approximately 213 affiliated institutions and businesses. After leaving her role, Bejarano was recognized by Alberto Orozco, president of the Sonora cluster, as well as from other peers for her role in developing successful ESG practices as founding director general. 



Sonora has a prominent mining history in Mexico, considered the largest contributor to the country’s mining industry with an outstanding share of 34.2 percent, according to CAMIMEX. Of the 1,190 active projects throughout the country, Sonora is home to 267 projects, representing 22 percent of national total. The main metals the state produces are copper, which represents 81.1 percent of the country's total production and gold, which represents 29.8 percent, reported MBN.

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