Minera Cuzcatlán Is Recognized for Fighting Against Corruption
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Minera Cuzcatlán Is Recognized for Fighting Against Corruption

Photo by:   Minera Cuzcatlán
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Paloma Duran By Paloma Duran | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Mon, 12/13/2021 - 17:46

Minera Cuzcatlan now ranks among the 500 most important companies in Mexico that fight corruption in the ranking of Corporate Integrity Index (IC500), which elaborated by Grupo Expanison, Tranparencia Mexicana and Mexicanos Contra la Corrupcion.

Fortuna Silver Mines, which is represented by Minera Cuzcatlan in Mexico, was included in the IC500 due to its high ethical standards andcommitment against corruption, reported Grupo Expanison, Tranparencia Mexicana and Mexicanos Contra la Corrupcion.

The index reviewers explained that the index score is based on transparency, publicity, and company outreach. These factors are aligned withMinera Cuzcatlán´s corporate values, which are of high integrity, establish the best practices and guarantee the health and safety of its workers, the environment, communities, among others. Inthe fight against corruption, Minera Cuizcatlán has developed policies and trained its team to eradicating it.

Minera Cuzcatlan has saidthat its ethics and fair rules are not only for the benefit of its workers, but for everyone, especially the communities. “The community’s voice is just as important as our own. Over 70 percent of the 1,200 employees employed in the mine are from neighboring communities. They get access to all the training necessary to operate the mine; in fact, the training they get prepares them for other industries. In addition, we have a firm commitment of maintaining an open channel with the community to properly communicate the benefits of mining with the intention of putting to rest any concern surrounding these operations,” said Luiz Camargo, Country Director of Minera Cuzcatlán, toMBN.

Despite being recognized for its ethical values, Minera Cuzcatlán is at risk of stopping its operations in Mexico as SEMARNAT rejected its request to extend its San José project. The company and the project are accused of not working ethically and affecting the communities. However, dozens of workers and residents of San José del Progreso have constantly protested to demand the authorization of the company's environmental permit, since without it the main source of employment in the area would be lost. According to  San José del Progeso´s mayor, Amador Vázquez Gómez, more than 1,200 direct jobs and 8,000 indirect jobs are at risk.

The company announced that due to the scant response obtained from the authorities, it will file an appeal against the order received from SEMARNAT regarding its EIA. Moreover, as the company's situation has become controversial, President López Obrador offered to intervene for Minera Cuzcatlán. However, no further information has been provided on how the president would help the company.

Photo by:   Minera Cuzcatlán

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