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Oaxaca: The Next Pole for Mining Projects

By Paloma Duran | Tue, 10/19/2021 - 13:23

Oaxaca has been catalogued as one of the states in Mexico with the greatest geological potential, which could make it the new pole for exploration and mining projects, according to a world-renowned geologist. Despite its potential, the state remains unexplored. However, new and current projects are expected to unlock its treasures .

The country's biggest mining opportunities are in Guerrero, said David Jones, a geologist whose work was key in establishing the state's gold belt nearly 30 years ago. “In Sonora there is much to discover, in Chihuahua the same. The whole country has a lot of potential, but I am particularly excited about Oaxaca. There are currently some projects that are part of a very large volcanic belt, but no significant exploration has been carried out, ”Jones told BNamericas.

Currently, there are 16 mining projects in Oaxaca, of which the San José mine of Fortuna Silver and the El Águila and Alta Gracia mines of Gold Resource are in its production stage. The projects are located in a polymetallic zone south of the city of Oaxaca. In addition to them, the state has other high potential projects such as La Gitana of Inomin Mine, Taviche of Minaurum Gold and Las Margaritas, El Fuego, El Chamizo and El Rey of Gold Resources.

The emerging belt in Oaxaca is the target of Madoro Metals, the company has three projects in the area: Yautepec, Magdalena and Rama de Oro. Jones, who is also exploration manager of Madoro Metals, said that "Oaxaca represents an opportunity parallel to that of Guerreo's first gold belt."

Likewise, Jones said that in Oaxaca there is an opportunity with an emerging deposit of volcanogenic massive sulfides, which Vortex Metal plans to work on soon. “No one has ever drilled them and there could be multiple new deposits in that belt. It is amazing that this is there waiting to be explored and that it has never been explored, ”Jones celebrated.

Despite its great potential, Oaxaca remains largely unexplored due to its remote locations. However, Jones said roads are currently being renovated, making them easier to access. Likewise, another challenge is that there is a large indigenous population, which still does not trust the mining companies. Therefore, Jones said it is essential to create and maintain good relationships with them. "A key factor will always be credible and keep our word."

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