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Portable Machines Add Efficiency to Mining Operations

By Karin Dilge | Tue, 05/31/2022 - 16:55

Q: How does the company’s offer help to make the exploration efforts of its clients more efficient?

A: Diamond Drilling has significant experience in the market and understands the sector’s requirements and the path it should follow. We are the fastest company when it comes to delivery and efficiency. The company works with exploration players that need their supplies as soon as possible to avoid any operational stoppages or delays. Every time a machine stops, money is lost. Diamond Drilling is aware of this, which is why we strive to prevent any downtime. We even hold products in stock for our recurrent clients in the case they need them. Moreover, the company offers quality products, most of them made in Canada. We import only recognized brands, which is important because these are products that are made to last.

Besides being a supplier, the company wants to fully understand its clients so we can anticipate their needs. Our expertise also helps us guide our clients in determining the best option for them. At times, we have trained a client’s staff or suggested changes to the products they work with to improve their production. Diamond Drilling does not just sell a product. We follow up on the performance of our products and the client’s requirements.

Q: How has Diamond Drilling’s competitive offer for drilling services evolved?

A: In the beginning, we were pioneers. For example, The owner of the company Yesenia Galindo was the first to introduce the Hayden drill bit brand. Since then, Diamond Drilling has diversified. It does not only sell drill bits and exploration supplies but also offers drilling machinery, for which we partner with manufacturers. We have also ventured into the oil and gas exploration industry over the past two years. The company wants to grow in this sector, too.

Q: How does the company tackle safety issues and what training does it provide to help avoid incidents?

A: The machines we offer are manufactured in Canada, so before they can be exported we need to comply with many safety requirements. The products come with a digital and manual instruction, although when we sell the machine, a mechanic comes down from Canada to visit the project where the machine will be installed and trains the operators. The mechanic also offers a software application that can be connected to the machine, which helps maintain the equipment’s durability.

Q: How do you convince clients about the advantages of such software, given the conservative approach miners often have toward technology?

A: Ideally, the necessity to modernize should be fostered in the industry. The curiosity should come from miners. If you offer them technology, they see it as something nice to have.  Exploration companies in Mexico are very young enterprises and are starting to set out their internal policies. Growth can happen suddenly and rapidly. This software would enable them to be better prepared, organized and efficient in their operations.

Q: How has Diamond Drilling helped bring innovation to drilling products?

A: The machines are small and portable, so they can be reassembled within projects without needing to build a path just for the machine, which makes the mining process more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly, too, particularly compared to the massive drilling machines of the past.

The company has received rave reviews from its users. Even though they are small, their drill capacity is very deep, which is what clients want. One of our smallest portable machines can drill up to 600m, doing so cheaply and efficiently.

Q: What are the company’s main goals and objectives for 2022?

A: Diamond Drilling wants to continue growing and expand its reach in the offshore environment for Mexico’s oil and gas sector. We also aim to open offices in the south of Mexico and in the US.


Diamond Drilling offers leading drill bit brands and drilling machinery for exploration companies in the mining sector. It is also expanding into the oil and gas industry.

Karin Dilge Karin Dilge Journalist and Industry Analyst