Maricela Verdugo
Regional Manager

From Premium Distribution to in-House Engineering

Thu, 10/17/2019 - 13:23

Well-established companies in the mining industry cannot sit back on their laurels. They need to grow along with the sector, improving current services and branching out into other areas, says Maricela Verdugo, Regional Manager of RYASA, a Mexican leader in the distribution and commercialization of power transmission products. She points to her own company as an example. Having achieved recognition as a supplier, RYASA wants to be known for more than selling gears and spare parts. “We are working on improving our customer service because that is the fuel for our expansion strategy,” she says.
To achieve its goals, which include moving into other markets and the prospect of becoming a manufacturer, RYASA works closely with the brands it represents to ensure clients receive a top-notch service experience. “We work hand-in-hand with manufacturers so we can both make sure our clients receive the best service,” Verdugo says. “We have over 500 trained salespeople who provide our customers a premium service that goes beyond selling the equipment. We are 100 percent focused on power transmission but we also offer complementary services such as vibration analysis,” she adds. The company has been serving the Mexican mining industry for over 30 years, with 60 distribution points across the country and a presence at the mine sites where it operates. “Our broad experience in the market helps us understand the industry’s needs in terms of equipment,” Verdugo says. “We are leaders in our field and work at the major mines in Mexico through contracts and consignments.” RYASA represents over 100 renowned mining brands, including Timken, Diamond and SKF.