Jorge Barreras
Sales Manager for Mexico and Puerto Rico
Agilent Technologies
View from the Top

Setting Technological and Analytical Trends

Mon, 10/21/2013 - 16:36

Q: How has Agilent Technologies evolved from being a leader in chromatography to a diversified player in the analytics market?

A: To broaden our products portfolio, over time the company decided to acquire other companies, such as Varian, which brought strong expertise and a new client portfolio in atomic analysis. Varian was the pioneer in the area of atomic spectroscopy in the 1960s, when it developed the process. Varian was a leading vendor in the mining industry, so following the acquisition Agilent gained a presence in the mining industry. Today, Agilent is a large company with a broad analytics product portfolio, not only for mining processes but also for environmental, health and safety, and machinery applications within the industry.

Q: What is Agilent’s strategy for developing and applying innovative technologies to create new products?

A: As a world leader, Agilent is responsible for continuing to produce state of the art technologies and solutions for the mining industry. In order to innovate and provide the best solutions, we must be in constant and close contact with our customers. Agilent’s Innovation and Technology team works towards one goal: making life and work inside a laboratory as simple as possible. We aim to deliver the easiest-to-use equipment that delivers the most precise results. Our equipment requires a minimum of calibration and parameter settings, and our technology team is making sure it provides the most reliable data. Our products have a user-friendly interface, without sacrificing data precision.

Q: What is the added value that Agilent offers to the mining industry, and how does this set the company apart from its competitors?

A: Agilent is today a leading measurement company because for every new development we set the objective of being number one in the world, and this is already the case for several product lines. For those segments in which we are not yet leaders we are on our way to becoming so. Agilent stands out as an innovative company, setting technological and analytical trends, and the best example for this is the MP-AES 4100, for which we are the only vendors in the market. As an internal control measure, Agilent follows a great number of performance metrics that make our equipment the most reliable in the market. In addition, every quarter we perform client satisfaction surveys. The company constantly measures its performance by comparing its results to global market results, and on more than one occasion our own data has been used as a global reference for the rest of the industry.

Q: How do Agilent’s experience and philosophy help to strengthen the company’s service offering?

A: Agilent has more than 13,000 employees worldwide, and we are confident that our personnel are the best trained in the market. The company’s worldwide experience enhances the quality of its services in the Mexican market, and we have also generated valuable knowledge and best practices in Mexico. Our philosophy is to do everything in the best and most correct way. Agilent’s employees have very close contact with its clients, making sure that we provide them with the best solution, and understand their needs down to the last detail.

Q: How is the company working together with its clients to continue providing the most reliable solutions to the industry?

A: Agilent is attacking several areas of application in the mining industry, whether city laboratories or laboratories on mine sites. In terms of clients, we are looking to create strong collaboration agreements with some of the biggest companies in the world, with whom we are developing grass roots solutions for the mining industry. Another important development is the Micro-GC equipment, a portable gas chromatography product that is capable of measuring methane in coal mining. We have several product lines that are useful in different areas of the mine, such as our FTIR equipment for the measurement of oil wear in machinery. This instrumentation helps to monitor the degradation of the oil and thus optimize the performance of mining equipment. Our people and our company values - focus, honesty, and accountability - will allow Agilent to continue innovating and developing new analysis technologies for the mining sector.