Tailings Management for Responsible Mining

By Javier Castany | Tue, 10/12/2021 - 11:08

Tailings management has long played a fundamental role in the mining industry. Nevertheless, in the last few years, dam management and its high costs, not only pose great risks to the environment and its surrounding communities but can also affect the lives of hundreds of people. Today, they play a central role in mining projects, agreed panelists at Mexico Mining Forum 2021 Echo on Thursday, August 26. Moderated by Adrian Juarez, CEO of CTA Consulting. The panel welcomed Briana Gunn, Group Executive of Environment at Newmont; Patricia Gonzalez, Plant Manager at Minera Cuzcatlan; Sandrine Forsoni, Corporate Market Manager for Minerals at Sefar and Chris Koutsaris, Sales Manager for Process Technology and Equipment at Takraf. Read our full coverage here.

Javier Castany Javier Castany Video Editor / Livestreamer