Robert Pérez
President Mexico and Central America
Baker Hughes
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Innovative Solutions for a More Efficient Industry

Fri, 01/17/2020 - 17:10

Q: How has the opening of the Mexican oil and gas market helped to grow competition and boost innovation?

A: The opening of the Mexican oil and gas market has allowed oil and gas technology companies like Baker Hughes GE (BHGE) to deploy their full capabilities in terms of offering innovative solutions and technology to make customers’ operations more productive and efficient. For instance, by using cutting-edge digital technology, BHGE can help reduce downtime to improve the efficiency and productivity of our customers’ operations through data analysis that allows us to better understand and predict project requirements. We are also collaborating with our customers in new ways to enhance their overall project economics. This includes offering new integrated products, services and digital solutions to address their toughest challenges related to accessing, finding and developing energy resources.

Q: How is BHGE moving the industry forward?

A: BHGE has a unique capability as the first and only fullstream company in the world. With a range of upstream, midstream, downstream and power generation solutions, we can help Mexico develop its energy market though our range of reliable and proven technologies and services. It is the best way we can help the country move energy forward and expand locally.

Q: What are the most demanded services offered by BHGE in Mexico and what are the emblematic projects carried out by BHGE with PEMEX and other IOCs?

A: We are very well-recognized locally for our upstream capabilities in terms of well construction and reservoir analysis. PEMEX is one of our biggest customers in the region. BHGE executes and renders services in many of PEMEX’s projects across the entire Mexican territory. Our portfolio includes a range of integrated products, services and digital solutions, from field and project management, well construction and drilling, to well testing, data analysis and production optimization. By engaging with customers like PEMEX to collaborate on better outcomes, we can provide high-quality support during all phases of its projects to improve overall productivity and project economics.

Q: How could BHGE help boost PEMEX’s productivity and efficiency through the use of technology?

A: BHGE has a broad portfolio, from upstream to downstream, along with cutting-edge capabilities that allow us to bring the full data analysis potential to our customers. This includes drilling technologies, equipment and services, monitoring and production effectiveness optimization, asset performance management and downtime prediction. The company’s wellknown aeroderivative turbines for surface equipment and LNG projects are also key capabilities we offer our customers in Mexico.

Q: How is BHGE helping its customers take full advantage of emerging opportunities?

A: Having a fullstream approach allows us to add value across the energy value chain. Increasing production in a more sustainable and cost-efficient way, reducing maintenance downtime, introducing new technological capabilities and understanding unique requirements of various project phases over the life of a field allow us to enhance overall project economics to increase the attractiveness of opportunities so more projects progress successfully.

Q: How is BHGE integrating IIoT, Big Data and Digital Twins to its solutions and how will these impact companies across the value chain?

A: BHGE’s Digital Solutions business segment marries industry-leading measurement and sensing technology with a world-class software offering to provide our customers with data analytics capabilities. For instance, by leveraging sensors, connectivity, data and analytics, we can improve the reliability, availability and safety of assets to further help minimize total cost of ownership. That is because there is a huge amount of data captured by our technology. Our valueto customers is our ability to use the data we collect and apply advanced software solutions to improve customer outcomes by reducing nonproductive time.


Baker Hughes, a GE company, is the world’s first and only fullstream provider of integrated oil field products, services and digital solutions. BHGE harnesses the experience of its people to enhance productivity across the oil and gas value chain.