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Promoting Fundamentals of the Hydrocarbons Sector

Mon, 03/09/2020 - 13:00

Q: What is your view of the new administration’s approach to the revitalization of Mexico’s hydrocarbons industry?

A: The activity in the industry is positive. The government is strengthening PEMEX with new developments, investments and contracts, and operators in the market are confident. These elements will benefit Mexico’s hydrocarbons industry and consequently all Mexicans, who will benefit through the promotion of the country’s economy.

Actions to increase production of crude oil are considered a national priority. We believe that drilling in shallow waters will deliver production quickly and help compensate for the natural production decline at the Cantarell field. Recovery of mature fields must continue because stimulating mature wells is a feasible and convenient approach to achieving an increase in production. We also support the construction of new pipelines as the most economical and efficient method for the distribution of hydrocarbons in Mexico.

We express our support to the industry through Voices of Energy. This initiative spurs professionals to advise and develop proposals for officials, regulators and legislators in Mexico’s energy industry. 

Q: What was the driving force behind the seminar Fundamentals of the Hydrocarbons Sector in Mexico in the Chamber of Deputies?

A: With the arrival of a new administration, we knew it was important to bring together the public and private sectors for discussions. The energy sector is broad, but at the same time highly specialized, and experts need to share and explain their vast technical knowledge. We organized and promoted the seminar Fundamentals of the Hydrocarbons Sector in Mexico to be the vessel through which authorities belonging to the public sector, including SENER, CNH and regulators, and experts from the private sector could establish a dialogue. The public and private sectors are two sides of the same coin and only by meeting each other could they resolve any questions they may have. Attendees include President of the Energy Commission in the Chamber of Deputies Manuel Rodríguez González, Former Deputy Minister of Hydrocarbons at the Ministry of Energy Aldo Flores and President and General Director for BP of Mexico Angélica Ruiz, among many other representatives and lawmakers from international and national companies. It is vital that our deputies and senators understand the details of our industry.

Q: What is your personal goal for this seminar?

A: As a Mexican citizen, I believe that I have a civic and social responsibility to support the development of the sector that I am in. I wanted to contribute because the country’s oil and gas industry has endured a great deal in a short period. The Energy Reform was passed just prior to oil prices dropping due to the downturn. This was followed by the election of a new federal administration with a different oil and gas sector outlook from its predecessor. 

The industry is recovering and this will create employment. However, without vast knowledge and experience, mistakes can easily be made and these could be costly in a still maturing industry. Therefore, I want to make sure that those in power receive the right advice when needed. This conviction is shared by my colleagues within the industry. Many experts have a desire to divulge their knowledge in the hope of helping the administration and the country reach its goals. 

'Fundamentals of the Hydrocarbons Sector' in Mexico is there to deliver the basics of a very specialized industry to the Chamber of Deputies. For the first two sessions, we chose exploration and the upstream segment as themes. These are both vital areas considering the 2.6MMb/d production target by 2024.


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