Alejandro Esquivel
Director General
Multiservicios Petroleros
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Water Management Plays Key Role in Sustainable Oil Production

Wed, 01/22/2020 - 15:24

Q: What is Multiservicios Petroleros’ main contribution to the oil and gas industry in Mexico?

A: We are a Mexican company with more than 30 years of experience in the water treatment segment, providing maintenance services for water generation, treatment and pumping equipment, known as dynamic equipment in the drilling segment. In the oil and gas industry, we have many projects related to water distribution processes. Our portfolio also includes projects in the pumping equipment segment and the delivery of pumps for fire protection. We work with a wide array of technologies for every application.

PEMEX is our main client but we also want to consolidate the company in the lodging industry. We have been participating in this industry for 22 years. In 2018, we delivered our osmosis system to two hotels and we started 2019 on the right foot by participating in the second stage of a project that was awarded in the Caribbean. This project consists of a water system for 15,000 hotel rooms.

Q: How can the company support AMLO’s oil production plan and what is your view of the administration’s strategy?

A: Water is essential for drilling. Although our company plays a minor role in the development of a national strategy, the fact that the federal administration is not trying to rush industry participants or change the current policy framework is a positive development. Nevertheless, a different approach is needed to have a different result and this government is adopting that strategy. We expect this administration to boost national oil production and any company that participates in this industry will see a strong benefit from that. From our side, we would like to participate in the water generation elements of the Dos Bocas refinery project.

Q: How would you asses the regulatory framework to increase sustainability practices within drilling operations?

A: Rather than a change in the current regulatory framework, the greater urgency is to change existing practices. Mexican laws establish very clear parameters with which companies must comply. In terms of water sewage treatment, for many years this service was not provided correctly. For instance, PEMEX requires the use of equipment that must comply with specified technical requirements as stated in the contract agreement. In some situations, the supplied equipment has not complied with the requirements of the contract and poor results are the consequence of that failure. But there is no urgency to change these practices. Multiservicios Petroleros has complied with this framework since the first contract we were awarded and will continue to do so.

Q: What are Multiservicios Petroleros’ goals for 2019?

A: The more drilling companies that enter the market, the better it is for our business prospects. We know every company that is operating in the region and have already approached them, highlighting the quality certifications we have obtained for our processes and equipment. Last year, we changed our company’s administrative procedures and adopted a quality management system. We also delivered six osmosis plants and participated in a water sewage treatment auction for 19 plants. Those projects are not related to the oil and gas industry but are part of our diversification strategy. In oil and gas, the auction processes appear to be ramping up and this will represent work inflow in the coming months. We also have worked with PEMEX for 18 years and as long as the company keeps choosing us as a contractor, we will continue providing our services.

From the technological side, our equipment already encompasses every water-related technology so there has not been a big opportunity to introduce new products. Still, technology is constantly advancing and we will integrate these new innovations into our equipment. Our focus is to provide the best technology available at accessible costs. To stay in this business, competitiveness is key.


Multiservicios Petroleros is a Mexican company with more than 33 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, providing desalination plants for offshore and onshore operations, such as platforms and mud ships.