Johnny Silva
Managing Director Mexico
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Tailored Chemicals for Special Jobs

Tue, 01/21/2020 - 12:31

Q: What role will production-enhancement chemicals play in the Mexican oil and gas industry in the coming years?

A: The US became an independent oil and gas country because of its shale oil and gas reserves and its productionenhancement techniques. Mexico should learn from its neighbor and work toward a strong shale oil and gas production industry. This is a golden opportunity for Mexico to stop the decline in production it has experienced for so long.

Q: What makes DISAN different from its competitors in the chemical's business?

A: International service companies usually deliver commoditized chemicals to their operational centers around the world. The reality is that well conditions vary greatly in such an extensive and diverse country like Mexico. Following a recipe does not provide the best results. DISAN does not take that approach. We produce tailor-made solutions for our clients. We specialize in production-enhancement chemicals for stimulation work. Mexico has many wells that must be stimulated to effectively increase production without having to make major investments that would result in a longer period of time to ramp up production to the required levels.

Q: What type of company can best benefit from using DISAN’s chemicals?

A: We are aware that our added value for the industry is in the chemicals arena and we do not get involved in any other operational factor where our added value would not be maximized. This approach is very different from that followed by the major international service providers, which prefer to get fully involved in all areas of an operation. In contrast, we prefer to work with small to medium-sized companies that are open and willing to try our specialized products and services.

Q: How does DISAN ensure long-term relationships with its clients and win-win situations?

A: We are focused on the chemicals arena, where we offer the highest added value, but we remain close to our clients to ensure that our relationships are for the long haul and that we can fully cover their needs. We value long-term relationships, which is why we are also selective with the companies we work with. Our relationships are based on trust and on doing business in a proper way. This is why we are willing to offer tailored financial solutions to ensure that our clients’ business activities can continue uninterrupted.

Q: What products are you most excited to introduce into the Mexican market?

A: Recently, we developed a new chemical solution for acid stimulation for the Colombian market. The chemical is based on milder but more effective acids and additives than the traditional hydrochloric acid. This makes it a much more environmentally friendly product than most other options available in the market. The solution is called BIOWELL® and it has been very well-received in the Mexican market.

Q: How is DISAN reaching out to new companies entering the Mexican market?

A: We recognize that the market is opening and more players are entering the scene. DISAN is a Colombian company so we already understand the processes related to an opening market. We are working hard to get to know all players and to offer our specialized services. We know which doors to knock, which is why we do not go directly to operators because they will not understand the true advantages of our products. We remain behind the curtains and as a result we only engage in talks with the service companies that will understand the benefits of using our specialized products.

Q: What objectives has DISAN outlined for 2019?

A: We are doing the smaller jobs that our bigger competitors do not want because these jobs are not seen as attractive business opportunities for them. Nevertheless, the number of these little jobs is growing as the number of market participants increases. As a result, we expect to grow sales to the oil and gas market by more than 50 percent. This is a conservative number that can be covered with only three projects that already are in the pipeline.


DISAN is a leading provider of chemicals in Latin America. Founded in Colombia and present in Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela, the company is a brand-agnostic provider.