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New Ethics Guide Presented / Asks FGR for Swift Justice

By Ricardo Guzman | Thu, 11/26/2020 - 11:10

New Ethics Guide. President López Obrador presented his Ethics Guide for the transformation of Mexico, a document designed to strengthen values ​​in the country. “A similar document to the one written by Alfonso Reyes in his Moral Booklet published in 1944,” he said. The president’s spokesman, Jesús Cuevas, noted that following the principles in the document is not mandatory. “Adoption is voluntary. This is a reference, not a law or a norm. It is a document for debate and reflection,” he stressed. The guide was crafted after interviews with 39 specialists and offers 20 principles and values: Respect for differences, life, dignity, freedom, love, suffering and pleasure, past and future, gratitude, forgiveness, redemption, equality, truth and trust, brotherhood, laws and justice, authority and power, work, agreements, family, animals, plants and things, and also respect for wealth and the economy, which is based on the principle that “the richest is not the one who has more, but the one who is more generous.”

Values to counter decline. President López Obrador said “a considerable number” of the Ethics Guide will be printed, since it will be distributed to the more than 8 million older adults who are receiving the government’s support. “So that they are the ones who, voluntarily in their free time, can transmit and analyze with their children and grandchildren what is said in this guide,” he noted. López Obrador said that to face the decline in society, an improvement in material conditions was not enough, so strengthening values is a must. Among the guide’s highlights is that corrupt people can find redemption through reflection and even therapy. “From a humanistic perspective, criminals and corrupt people can redeem themselves through reflection, education and psychological therapy, without giving up the possibility of sanctions such as deprivation of liberty,” the document states.

Swift justice in cases like Videgaray’s. President López Obrador asked the Attorney General's Office (FGR) to apply swift justice in relation to accusations such as those involving former Minister of Finance Luis Videgaray. “What has to be done is to speed it up (the whole process). With all due respect, I say that the prosecution needs to process all those cases,” he said. Top officials in former President Enrique Peña Nieto’s administration have pointed to Videgaray in the “Master Fraud” investigation, where public money was allegedly funneled to fund PRI campaigns. “The only thing I would like is for swift justice to be applied. That cases are not accumulating and that the investigation is not used only for propaganda,” the president said.

Asks people to act responsibly on marijuana. President López Obrador asked people to act responsibly after the recent Senate ruling on the use of marijuana. “That they act responsibly. I believe that that is going to happen with this new legislation on the use of marijuana. We trust in the people,” he said after the approval in Congress of marijuana for recreational use.

Applauds 12.1 percent growth on 3Q20. The Mexican economy is showing signs of a strong recovery, as expected, in the face of the COVID-19 crisis, President López Obrador said. “INEGI announced the results of third-quarter economic growth. It gives me the opportunity to boast that our forecast is being fulfilled,” he said. Yesterday, INEGI reported that national GDP rose 12.1 percent in 3Q20, after plummeting 17 percent in the previous quarter. “We said that (the recovery) would be in the shape of the letter V and here are the results,” López Obrador said. He also highlighted the Mexican peso’s performance. “Despite the pandemic, it has appreciated 2 percent,” closing yesterday at MX$20.04 per dollar. Regarding employment, the president said over 600,000 jobs have been recovered since August, so it would be unfair to say that the country has done a poor job facing the pandemic.


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