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A Brand's Prestige is Built, Not Gifted or Purchased

By Carlos Herrero | Fri, 11/13/2020 - 13:59

In all areas – business to business, business to customers, business to media, business to people – brands work continuously to achieve reputation. After years of commitment, many reach it and go beyond the frontiers of their conception. But few reach the category of prestige. Prestige is not given, but accomplished.

Above all, Cuervo is prestige, which consists of consolidation in history as a reputable brand, semper et ubique, or forever and everywhere. The great monarchies, the great business sagas, the great and well-known fortunes of the world, the emblematic buildings and museums, the important national anthems usually characterize prestige. The lineage is not given as a present, it is aquilated.

A business like Jose Cuervo, rich in history, individuals, brands, products, experiences and places, crosses the threshold of space and time to become a much more valuable thing. I have always thought that people of value and worth create value and worth for businesses and brands. And this is what Don Juan Beckmann, with the direct support of his son, Juan Domingo, did. Being a public company at this moment has also consolidated all the wealth that it carries in its bowels with greater force.

A story that walks among poetry, adventure, vision, intelligence, opportunity and decision is always established around big companies like Cuervo. At a working breakfast with Cuervo's former CEO, Angel Abarrategui, I wondered what could be seen behind the walls and historical memories of the company's corporate offices in Santa Fe. After a pause and with his characteristic gesture of the hand in the air, he told me: "Here what one breathes is intelligence. A company like this only rises with visionary owners." Ancestry is consolidated with business intelligence.
Cuervo, like the great companies of the world, is not a laboratory experiment. In each drop of tequila and of the drinks that the company distributes, the effort, the dedication, the commitment of the owners and of their managers is mixed. There is no company without people. People who understand, feel, transmit what they live. For this reason, Cuervo has put special intelligence in giving value to its brands and in making this value known and recognized.

It is the marketing and public relations company par excellence, a function which Juan Domingo Beckmann, the indispensable head of everything related to marketing, has developed very specifically.

A marketing that is written with capital letters in this company because it improves the outstanding quality of their products recognized in the last corners of the world. A brand's lineage is attained with vision.
The communication and public relations company Extrategia, I am proud to say, has grown under the protection of Cuervo's reputation. We have 20 years of common history that have allowed us to learn extraordinary things and grow in every way. First-class business alliances always transcend circumstances and are consolidated step by step. Our work experience at Cuervo is embedded in our company's DNA, recognizing all that we have received. In this sense, our total commitment to Cuervo is a sign of appreciation rather than effort.

Cuervo is the tequila with the greatest history in Mexico. It is a globally well-recognized brand, and with a great success story over the years. Its pedigree gives it a permanence bias from which we all benefit.
The virtuous gear that generates a company with a pedigree like Cuervo allows other business entities to grow and the world benefits from the generation and distribution of wealth. With this, countries receive a flare of jobs, development, well-being and quality of life. The economic development of a modern country always has powerful companies as its central axis.
Cuervo and lineage of ancestry are mutually identified. The companies that are in the same value chain absorb that ancestry continuously.

Photo by:   Carlos Herrero