Boeing 737
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Boeing saw dramatic losses during 2020 according to its 4Q20 report. However, aviation authorities continue to clear the return of the 737 Max.
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Countries are beginning to lift Boeing 737 Max bans. What has changed and where can the airplane fly today?
As the sector grapples with its worst crisis in history, sustainability commitments have not fallen by the wayside.
Boeing 737 MAX
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Aeromexico will reincorporate the 737 MAX to its commercial routes between December and the following year. Airlines in the region will follow suit.
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FAA today cleared the Boeing 737 Max to take to the US skies again. This is the first step for groundings across the world to be lifted
Rene Espinosa from Chihuahua Aerospace Cluster
View from the Top
Rene Espinosa
Chihuahua Aerospace Cluster
Chihuahua Aerospace Cluster looks to map capabilities and opportunities in the region to capture opportunities as soon as they arise.
Boeing 737
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Boeing’s cancellations continue to pile up, with Norwegian scrapping orders for almost 100 new aircraft.
Carlos Robles, Vice President, Central Region  Mexican Federation of the Aerospace Industry (FEMIA)
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Carlos Robles
Vice President of the Central Region
The arrival of the new normality implies a paradigm shift in how people travel and in the industry itself. It is a change for the entire sector.
Aeromexico first quarter report
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Boeing 737 Max grounding, COVID-19 outbreak and a weak peso hurt Grupo Aeroméxico’s 1Q20 results.
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