Marcello De María y Campos
View from the Top
Marcello De María y Campos
Director General
COMSA details the factors that have allowed the company to be a leader in gypsum production, and its plans after the closure of the San Marcos mine.
Alfonso de los Ríos
Startup Contributor
Alfonso de los Ríos
Founder & CEO
The daily use of your time should be focused on creating value, not working on repetitive and time-consuming activities.
Weekly Roundups
Conflict between federal and state authorities over the control of a highway segment looms in Baja California. This and more in this week’s roundup!
Solar Panels
News Article
Micro-grids are synchronized to the larger grid but can operate independently, as well. Could Mexico capitalize on this opportunity?
McDonalds' Guidelines post COVID-19
News Article
McDonald's has sent a 59-page letter to its franchise owners in the US. The experience of eating in their restaurants will never be the same.
Cabo San Lucas
News Article
A survey by Preferred Hotels & Resorts places Mexico among the Top 10 most desired countries for travel in the world post COVID-19.
Venice, Italy
News Article
Sustainability and digitalization will be key in the tourism industry. Many countries are taking steps to position themselves in the new scenario.
Stacked Watermelons
News Article
The prospect of less guest workers as less visas are approved worries US’ farmers. The problem, however, is not new.
Harvested Strawberries
News Article
In a few weeks, harvests will begin in the Californian Central Valley, an annual operation that involves tens of thousands of Mexican guest workers.
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