The Week in Automotive
Weekly Roundups
During CIIAM, key players from the automotive sector discussed its main challenges and opportunities. This and more in the weekly roundup.
CIIAM 2022
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During the second day of CIIAM 2022, experts discussed the future of electromobility and collaborations between the public and private sectors.
Alberto Pineda
Expert Contributor
Alberto Pineda Tuells
Vice President of the Honorable Board of Directors
Unión de Crédito del Soconusco, S. A. de C. V.
Alberto Pineda discusses how working through a Strategic-Tactical Plan is helping his region grab opportunities.
President López Obrador and Business Directors in the National Palace
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The president invited business leaders to discuss infrastructure investment in Sinaloa.
Online Procurement Platform
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After experiencing technical difficulties since mid-July. The platform for governmental purchases will remain inactive until mid-August.
Weekly Roundups
Companies applying strong ESG policies seem to show better results of their operations plus they have fewer issues with the government.
Shares chart.
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At a Mexico-US energy conference, Laura Sima, Kenneth Smith, and both countries’ ambassadors criticized “legal opacity” hindering foreign investment.
Person burning bills
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More than 50 percent of COPARMEX’s interviewed companies assured that state authorities tend to be more corrupt.
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Following the Federal Labor Law reform and the pandemic’s damage, the issue of the informal market remains a detriment to Mexico’s labor market.
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