agnico eagle
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Luis Felipe Medina
Director General
Agnico Eagle Mexico
The company built its new leach pad on a pit that had already served its useful life.
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Samples corroborate the company’s view that the SE Alteration Zone could represent the higher levels of a potential underlying epithermal system.
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Roberto Adame
CSR Manager
When CSR results in demonstrable ROI, responsible investors will direct capital to companies with strong CSR profiles.
Juan Manuel Ávila Hernández, CEO & Co-Founder at TOP Energy México
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Juan Manuel Ávila
CEO & Co-Founder
TOP Energy
The new generations think about and imagine a different energy future. A more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.
schneider electric
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Felipe Rivera
Vice President and Hub Leader of Process Automation Industrial Automation Business
Schneider Electric
EcoStruxure is Schneider Electric’s open, interoperable, IoT-enabled system architecture and platform.
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Nacip Fayad
Industrial Market Business Unit Director
SKF Group
There are enough companies in Mexico fostering an automation ecosystem. SKF is a key player in the ecosystem.
cyanco 1
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Bill Clark
Vice President of Global Sales
Cyanco helps miners optimize sodium cyanide use, improving process efficiency, increasing mineral extraction and lowering operating costs.
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Tomás Buttazzoni
General Manager
Technosteel has the potential for entering the market due to its manufacturing capacity and innovative automation solutions for drilling.
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Miners take social license to operate seriously. However, there is a missed opportunity if initiatives regarding this license are not communicated.
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