Marcelo Ebrard and Ambassador Ken Salazar
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In an effort to modernize border infrastructure and advance trade between both countries, the US and Mexico are developing 20 infrastructure projects.
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Mexican customs had a historical 2021. Meanwhile, Latin America is becoming an increasingly attractive investment destination.
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Mexican customs collected a historic amount in 2021, said SHCP.
Carlos Godinez
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Carlos Godinez
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
To avoid delays, cross-border logistics professionals must keep up to date on US-Mexican customs regulations. Carlos Godinez provides a checklist.
Export Container
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CANACINTRA joins forces with binational chambers of commerce, ANIERM and custom agents to boost exports from Mexico to the world.
sat customs offices
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An agreement recently approved by SAT will give Mexican customs authorities more control to address outstanding issues.
custom services Mexico
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Customs contribute 31 percent to Mexico’s GDP. How is this complex system a blessing and course for the government?
Freigth at airport
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SAT suddenly closed three warehouses operated by Mexicana, raising concerns about jobs and imports of medical supplies.
Agustín Picado
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Agustín Picado
Country Manager
UPS México
Many major and medium suppliers send their loads to Mexico or the US and return with an empty truck.
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