Mexico To Achieve Energy Security Through New Energy Strategy
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Mexico’s change in energy policy seeks to achieve energy security, promote social development and assure reliable and accessible energy for all.
Guillermo Barrera
View from the Top
Guillermo Barrera
Olam Energy
Olam is developing new technology regarding offshore well stimulation, allowing the company to compete with big multinational corporations.
Gasoline, Diesel
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With Deer Park and Dos Bocas, more than one million barrels per day of gasoline and 527,000 barrels of diesel will be reached.
PEMEX workers
Weekly Roundups
Mexico’s struggle for energy self-sufficiency and ECLAC’s new report on natural gas national production are among this week’s top stories!
Petro and Francia Marquez
As left-wingers gain ground in Latin America, it is worth noting this pink tide resurgence is far from a monolithic phenomenon.
Fluvio Ruíz Alarcón
Expert Contributor
Fluvio Ruíz Alarcón
Senate of the Republic
To export or not to export crude oil? That seems to be the dilemma Mexico’s federal government has been facing for months, writes Fluvio Ruíz Alarcón.
President López Obrador
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The government plans to finish buying the Deer Park refinery these year / More than 116,000 foreign vehicles have been regularized.
Oil refinery.
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As the federal government moves toward energy sovereignty before the end of 2023, IMP gives a boost to the National Refinery System.
Deer Park
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Deer Park’s output helps towards energy sovereignty target, but GoM production likely to fall short ambitious 2019.
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