Mexico Continues to Draw Companies In
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Mexico continues to cement its reputation as a strategic technology hub in the Americas.
Julio Heshiki, Managing Director, Kyndryl Mexico
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Julio Heshiki
Managing Director
Kyndryl Mexico
Kyndryl has expanded its portfolio to meet a burgeoning market that demands modern digital infrastructure, says Managing Director Julio Heshiki.
AT&T Mexico Announces 5G Matching Fund
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The telecommunications company is looking to support projects that use 5G technologies.
Global Cybersecurity Market Faces Multiple Hurdles Despite Demand
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AI applications in cybersecurity have proliferated to mitigate talent shortages and heightened cyber risks.
Microsoft: Innovar por Mexico
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In its updated report on the Innovate for Mexico development program, Microsoft revealed that its data center in Queretaro is complete.
Felipe Labbe
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Felipe Labbé
Global Hitss
Global Hitss is a digital solutions and IT services company with more than 8,000 collaborators in Latin America, the US and Europe.
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