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Toyota remained first, while Honda and Nissan improved their standing. Meanwhile, Stellantis remained in the last place.
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Automotive industry representatives responded to the recent corruption accusations.
A handicapped spot in pavement.
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General Motors Mexico' continues its vision for the future of the automotive industry by increasing its efforts to be inclusive and sustainable.
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Mexican investors are increasingly turning to greener energy sources.
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The proposed energy reform will not alter the Mexican industry radically but it will lessen competition, according to Fitch Ratings.
General Motors, US
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The company is concerned about the country’s energy policy direction, as an executive warns companies might choose to invest elsewhere.
Energy Efficiency
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Spain’s Circutor continues its work as a driver of sustainability in Mexico and across the world.
Automakers are setting and updating their goals toward full electrification. Learn more about their specific targets here.
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This week's top stories include programs in Nuevo Leon and Queretaro to foster the automotive industry, as well as the latest on plant unions.
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