Nine COVID-19 Vaccines Now Available in Mexico
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As Mexican children return to school, authorities rush to purchase and approve as many vaccines as possible.
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Andrés González-Silén
Executive President
asistensi’s Andrés González-Silén explains the importance of telemedicine and prevention to increase access to healthcare.
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Gustavo Fernández
Director General
Grupo Torre Médica
Read how Grupo Torre Médica stratifies patient profiles to offer suitable payment options that avoid creating financial hardship.
Novel Drug Financing Models for Innovative Medicines
Innovation in pharma relies on financing. However, traditional financing models have proven wanting in delivering the desired patient outcomes.
Coins falling from a jar
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The country’s low investment in healthcare to bring future problems, warn international health organizations.
Salvador Arceo Director General of Plan Seguro
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Salvador Arceo
Director General
Plan Seguro
By creating responsive health coverage plans, Plan Seguro strives to offer the best final experiences to its users.
Eduardo Lara Vice President, Head of Health Latin America of RGA
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Eduardo Lara
Vice President, Head of Health Latin America
To compete in a changing market, RGA is integrating added-value services and predictive models that respond to users’ realities.
Mexico Moves Forward With “Patria” Vaccine
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National vaccine developments move forward and promise affordable, quality immunization against COVID-19.
World Health Day 2021: Working Toward Equal Acess
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Health access can be boosted by understanding the value of health and the context of different populations.
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