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The megaproject seeks to bring multiple benefits to the isthmic region but to do so, it needs to strengthen cooperation with communities.
Miguel Puras, SER Consultores
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Miguel Puras
Director General
SER Consultores
Miguel Puras outlines the importance of an environmental and social approach from the very beginning of a project.
karen flores
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Karen Flores
Director General
Mining has to develop and modernize at the same pace as society. Diversity gives miners access to a greater range of talent and points of view.
grupo gap fraga
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Gabino Fraga
Founder and Partner
Grupo GAP
Miners have to articulate a position and communicate it to Congress so that refrorms are appropriate to the industry’s reality.
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The Supreme Court ordered Congress to regulate indigenous and Afro-Mexican consultation.
igual social
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Juan Pablo Gudiño
Founder and Partner
Igual, Social, Ambiental y Legal Consultores
Consultation consists in reaching agreements. That is the essence of ILO Convention 169, of which Mexico is a signatory.
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Cases questioning mining's legal framework can be avoided with clearer rules, bringing sustainable development to Mexico’s most vulnerable…
Miguel Montañés
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Miguel Montañes
Natura EST
“Not all technologies have the same impact. In order to conduct adequate environmental studies, it is necessary to understand each technology”
alberto vazquez
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Alberto Vázquez
VHG Servicios Legales
There is no legal basis for not granting new concessions.
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